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All you need to know about the types of gold used in making jewelry


The radiant metal, Gold, has inspired us in many ways right from its inception. Jewelers have adopted a number of golden alloyed metals and affordable layered metals that they use in jewelry making. This way everyone can have a piece of their much-loved gold.

We’ll give you some pointers to tell you which type of gold from NobleGold could serve your purpose of buying:

24 karat Gold

24 karat gold is the purest form of gold, it does not have any other metals mixed. With it’s distinct bright Yellow hue, this form of gold costs more than 22 or 18 karat gold. So if you are looking at jewelry as an investment, then this is the best option for you! You ideally gain the most over a period of time since this form of gold is not diluted.  Since 24 karat gold is soft, it is not ideal for jewelry making. More often than not, 24 karat gold is used to make gold bars, coins or in electronics and medical devices. It is also used for plating or as thin gold foil sheets, called gold leaf for an ornamental effect, often in feathered, papery designs. If you have any doubts at all considering your gold items, it’s always a good idea to seek advice from a well-reputed jeweler such as The Estate Watch and Jewelry in Scottsdale, Arizona. When gold is in question, an expert eye is just what you need.

Rose Gold Alloy 

Rose Gold is every millennial’s choice; it goes with anything! To make Rose Gold, copper is added to a gold alloy giving it the rose golden shade. Pure gold is mixed with other metal elements while in the molten state to create alloys with different strengths and various colors. For example: White gold contains nickel. With lesser copper and a different ratio of silver and zinc, it is possible to alloy green gold. Check out this great rose gold star bracelet to get an idea how this can look.

Rolled Gold

Rolled gold is a type of metal that involves layering a thin piece of gold onto a base metal that is usually brass or copper. It is not very commonly used but has much more gold than gold-plated jewelry and has a thicker layer of gold and chances of it wearing off are very less.


Attending a traditional wedding on a budget? You can find a vast array of fashionable drop earrings in this type for any and every occasion! It has a limited lifespan on par with the price and would perfectly fit your scheme of things at the time.  However, the gold layer can wear off with time.


Another popular category for costume jewelry is gold-filled jewelry. If you are sensitive to certain metals you can safely try gold-filled jewelry without worries of an allergy. Since it is significantly thicker than plating, gold filled accessories can be worn daily without fear of wear and tear for as long as 30 years. Most gold-filled jewelry is 12kt or 14kt.


Don’t know if you should wear gold or silver for that party? With a base of sterling silver and two layers of gold alloy over it, this is your cocktail for the night! Vermeil has a thicker gold layer than gold plated items. It shows greater durability than flash plating, but it is still less durable than gold-filled.


If you want the look and durability of a 24K gold set but not the price, electroplating is the way to go. The physics behind electroplating supports the gold against premature tarnishing and also avoids scratches. So even in 10 years, your jewelry will look as good as new! The layer of gold on the surface after electroplating makes it sustainable in the long run. 

Layered Metals

These are more affordable, durable alternatives to gold alloys. With a thin surface layer of gold and a substantial core material, these materials cannot be cast since the layers are distinct.

 It’s all about you.

A piece of jewelry often reflects a piece of you. So you can always pick the type that best suits your needs and your style.