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An Overall Way to Lose Weight


There are multiple side effects of being out of shape or even worse obese. Of course, it plays a pivotal role in a person’s self-esteem, but more often than not it also causes high blood pressure and a towering cholesterol level which is in no way good for your health. Hence to ensure your fitness and good health it is imperative you consult with your physician the best weight loss method that might be suited for you.

  1. An overall diet plan: This truly varies from person to person. No one diet plan caters to all individuals because the structure and immunity of every individual are different. However, being on a diet and inducing starvation are two entirely different things. Being on a diet generally refers to cutting down on sugar and too many carbohydrates and focussing on lean proteins and a lot of fibres. It also focuses on keeping a check on calories consumed and making healthier choices. For example, instead of regular milk tea loaded with sugar, you are encouraged to gravitate more towards green tea which is packed with antioxidants. Instead of deep-fried delicacies, you are encouraged towards grilled or barbequed meat. Based on your need your nutritionist might also suggest detoxification cleanse for your intestinal system to cure your bloating which is also a contributing factor – ab ripper x.

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  1. An excellent exercise programme: Let’s face it you cannot eliminate pounds without busting out a few moves of the good old callisthenics. However, like your diet, your exercise routine must also be personalized and should be integrated into your lifestyle keeping in mind some factors, primarily your health and all previous sicknesses. There are a number of exercise programmes that might be suitable for you. Not only can you join the gym and get rid of the calories, but you can also actively participate in a host of different outdoor activities like running, biking etc. You could also opt for yoga, Zumba, aerobic exercise depending on your preference. But you must remember, weight loss is a gradual process and requires persistence and patience. And even if you do not see results every day, if you are tenacious then results will show, and those will be results that last a long time.

Losing weight is not just a process, it is a lifestyle change overall, where you consciously start making healthier choices. And by incorporating those choices, you find yourself on the road to a fitter, healthier version of yourself.

  1. Starvation: Not the recommended thing to do. But it works. It is an open secret that this very popular method is often adopted by models and celebrities to look trim and tight for their red-carpet events. Now apparently unless you are bulimic or anorexic, you are probably not going to opt for it. And if you are, you need to see a doctor. However, there is a milder way: fasting. Try having a light early dinner and fast through the night. This maintains weight.
  2. Liposuction: Again, a celebrity favourite. But is it feasible for the normal folks? Well, it’s fifty-fifty. Since it merely removes the fatty tissue under the skin via a tube, it seems like a hassle and does not provide any personal solution.
  3. Detox: This is good for you. And it is a hot favourite among brides. So, if you are going to be walking down the aisle, you might want to talk to your nutritionist to commence a detoxification system. This not only eliminates unnecessary weight but is great for cleansing the gut and colon and is beneficial for your digestive system. Several juices or nutrients in the form of syrup are given to the dieter which curbs hunger and cleans the system. However, this is only a temporary method, and as soon as you go back to your natural diet, the weight starts creeping back in.
  4. Smelling food: As weird as it sounds, doing this sends a signal to the brain about food consumption leading to substantially less eating.
  5. No sugar: Some people completely cut back on all forms of sweetness from their diets in their lives. Now once all sugar gets banned, the level of insulin drops. And once that happens, the kidneys start dispensing excess water and sodium out of the body, thus leading to getting rid of bloating and belly fat.
  6. There are some people who often take injections and pills for extreme loss. Some even do drugs. But please remember, it does more damage than good to your body.

Losing weight is a laborious and time-consuming task. It requires dedication and determination and patience. Elevating your metabolism through exercise and simultaneously following a diet well suited to your body type and requirements lead to a balanced weight loss, which also maintains the fitness level of a person. However, if you want to know some of the extreme weight loss hacks to immediately shed off those last few stubborn pounds then follow the above-mentioned solutions.