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Ayurvedic Products for Increasing Height & Growing Taller


When it comes to feeling or being shorter than everyone else, there are some cures to aid you in growing that are natural Ayurvedic products for increasing height. Ayurvedic simply means “relating to Ayurveda, the traditional Hindu system of medicine” according to Merriam-Webster.

But what does this mean for those of you who want to grow taller? This means that using certain herbs, tonics, and other forms of ancient medicines, you can use this with diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, and sleep to help your body grow a little taller (and be healthier in the process).

1.Ashwagandha is a common human growth hormone (HGH) producing herb that can also add to your bone density by helping you absorb more calcium, and can be linked to products being a strength aid, increase endurance, flexibility and overall general wellness. This supplement can be purchased in capsules, which contain the powder, and it isn’t as costly as even some multivitamins on the market. It is also commonly used in male “enhancement” vitamins because of the many health benefits it offers. This herb is number one on almost every list.

Other top contenders in the best ayurvedic list are:


This “mountain tar” is made up of numerous elements and minerals that is in common Hindu medicine, but is unregulated and unmarketed. This holistic medicine has been linked to the same things as Ashwagandha, but since it doesn’t have the science to back up the claims, it’s use is limited and shouldn’t be taken by anyone who has sickle cell anemia, too much iron, or thalassemia (blood disorders).

3. Ayurveda Height Increaser capsules

This product is actually a mixture of different herbs which have all been linked to increasing HGH levels in the body. There are no known side effects reported, and all of the ingredients in this, from Kale, to Ashwagandha root powder work together to increase levels to a maximum amount. Taking one capsule twice per day is all you have to do. You may not see results immediately, but keep taking them and keep track and you should see surprising results as they promise.

4. Step Up Height Increasing Powder

This is a powdered supplement that you can mix with a glass of milk and water. It has herbs like Garden Cress, Gale of the Wind (Chanca Piedra) extract, Long Pepper, Rennet, Myrobalan, Ginger, and Bahera (the oil from Myrobalan seeds), and more.

5. Height Top Powder

Height Top Mapple Powder is about $12 U.S. Dollars and contains a mixture of Multivitamins and minerals that are essential, but also help aid in height growth. While it states that it can help your body grow taller naturally, it is essentially just a multivitamin drink mix, but it can help when vitamins are hard to get. You can mix about 10-15 grams with powder or milk to consume it and has been told that it can have possible side effects so you should talk with your physician before taking it.