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Being Single Is Better Than Being With Someone Who Isn’t Planning To Keep You Around Long Term


Being single is better than being with someone who only wants to keep things casual.

Being single is better than being with someone who doesn’t bother to answer your calls and respond to your messages right away. Instead, they keep you waiting for them for ages.

Sitting at home and watching movies all by yourself on a Saturday night is better than spending hours choosing what to wear, just to have your bae cancel on you last minute.

It’s better to feel free to flirt with other guys/girls than stay loyal to only one person, even though you know that they’ve been flirting with other women/guys behind your back.

Not daydreaming about anyone is better than daydreaming about someone who plays hard to get while exploring “other options.”

It’s better to have no one to touch you than be with someone who is only interested in your body. Someone who is not able to see beyond your outward beauty. Someone who can’t see the beauty of your soul.

Focusing on your family, friends, and career is better than focusing on someone who puts you last on their list of priorities. Someone who doesn’t take care of your feelings, needs, and desires. Someone who doesn’t choose you every single day.

Being single is better than settling for someone who is only stringing you along. Someone who doesn’t imagine you as a part of their future.

Guarding your heart is better than giving it to someone who doesn’t know how to protect and take care of it. Someone who couldn’t care less whether they’ll break it or not.

Being single is better than being with someone who doesn’t reciprocate your love. Someone who doesn’t care about you the way you care about them. Someone to whom you don’t mean as much as they mean to you.

Admitting that you still haven’t found ‘The One’ is better than convincing yourself that the person you’re with now is the right one for you.

Spending time on your own is better than spending time with someone who doesn’t even deserve a minute of your attention.

It’s better to invest time in improving yourself, both personally and professionally, and in your future happiness and success than waste it on someone who only wants to see you fail. Someone to whom your happiness means nothing.

Treating yourself with respect and dignity is better than respecting someone who has no problem playing with your feelings and cheating on you.

Loving yourself is better than loving someone who makes you question their love for you. Someone who doesn’t let you know where you stand in their life.

Feeling lonely alone is better than feeling lonely with someone else.

And last but not least, nurturing the relationship you have with yourself is better than nurturing and fighting for a relationship with someone who isn’t planning to keep you around. Someone who has stopped fighting for you a long time ago.