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Best Parental Control App – FamiSafe Review


Parental control apps have become all the rage nowadays. They are fundamental features that allow you to control and manage what your child gets to watch or search on their phones or laptops. It provides you with an insight into your child’s activities. These can be installed on their phones, computers, or laptops, sometimes even on television sets. Content filters are important, considering what online dangers are out there, especially for children.

All about FamiSafe

FamiSafe is a parental control app that supports iOS and android along with Kindle. It lets the parent access search history and user database. The application usage summary is also of immense help for any parent who wishes to keep a check on their offspring. It is also a really user-friendly application with easy installation and features. Wondershare launched the application, and since then, it has been among the most reliable parental control apps that are out there. Giving serious competition to its contemporaries, FamiSafe has been able to maintain a smooth and successful track record.

●       Easy to use interface

The installation process is not complicated at all. Once you are done with installation through google play or just by using the website, you can go ahead with the next step. Install it both on your child and your own phone. Then set up the device and application according to the instructions. You will have to choose the specified aspects you want to monitor and then click on those options to activate them. You can impose certain restraints on your child’s access as well.

●       Filtering

Using filters to stop your child from accessing certain websites that you consider are not suitable is important. Make a list of all of those websites whose access you want to deny to the child and then filter them one by one. Understandably, easy access to everything can have a long-lasting impact on a child’s mind. Blocking various applications is also a necessity in today’s world. Some apps might carry malware, while some are just not safe for children. It is on the parent to research and obtain prior knowledge of what they can let their child see.

●       Keeping a check on regular activities

You can optimize the benefits of FamiSafe by keeping a track of your child’s regular online activities and otherwise. The application that you have installed in your device will grant you access to your child’s device. It includes access to the web history, message, and saved folders. You can be aware of what your child downloads on a regular basis. They might be too young to realize what is not suitable for them, and that is precisely why a parent should take up the task. Some video games, too, can be really inappropriate for your child’s age. Most of them contain some amount of blood and gore or are too aggressive. That kind of content can normalize violence in a child’s mind, and that is not okay.

●       Alert notifications

It is possible to create automatic alert notifications during the usage of certain trigger words. You can set it all up manually. Certain trigger words can be monitored, and whenever they appear on your child’s device. You will receive an alert notification on your phone whenever that happens and track the source of the message as well. FamiSafe also detects suspicious pictures. Children often fall prey to pornographic content that is used to lure them. They are not aware of the consequences and fall for it. This application will let you see if there is an image of that sort in your child’s phone. It will help you take quick action and enlighten your child on the issue.

Strengths and weaknesses of FamiSafe

Like any other application, FamiSafe has its own positive and negative aspects. On the bright side, the app lets you monitor and control the videos your child regularly watches on platforms like Youtube and other video players. Secondly, it enables you to track the location of your child’s device at any given point in the day. Filtering out images and constant alerts are also a big part of establishing control. The application also lets you set it up based on your child’s age and preferences, making it pretty much customized.

On the negative part, the application is not compatible with certain desktop versions, and that makes it difficult for individuals who are dependent on their desktops entirely for their work. The location tracking feature is only available on Android-powered devices. Other uses can be unsatisfied with this glitch. Also, sometimes the application lags and does not display the updated geo-tag location making it difficult for the parent to monitor their child’s whereabouts. This can even cause a state of panic, and so the bug needs to be fixed immediately.