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Cannabis Seeds 101

Cannabis Seeds

Commercial planters of cannabis most often desire the seedless plants.  The market for home cultivation of cannabis however, is growing increasingly popular which is why there is a growing demand for the seed.

Plants that have seeds come about as a result of the natural process of pollination. Therefore the production of cannabis seed is all about allowing nature to have its ways. These seeds that are produced are then used by mostly home growers to produce different strains of cannabis. 

 Any home cultivator of cannabis also known as marijuana or weed needs to understand the different strains and the types of seed that they should cultivate under their peculiar circumstance. In this article, we will concentrate on what we have termed the 101 of cannabis seeds which is just the basics. Meanwhile, you can visit this site for more info on the different strains of cannabis: https://www.verywellmind.com/.

Differences between the Feminized and Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

The regular marijuana seeds are those that one cannot determine whether they are male or female plants until they start flowering. Although these are the most common types, most commercial growers do not like them.  They may be cultivated by hobby growers who do not really need the plants for commercial purposes.

The two types of seed that serious growers use are the auto flowering and the feminized seeds. The reason for this can be spotted when you look at the difference as explained below.

Auto Flowering Seeds

These are the ones that have been specifically bred to start and finish the flowering stage based on the maturity of the plant and not on the light cycle. This means that no matter the quantity of light the plant receives daily, once it is mature, it will start flowering. These seeds are easier to cultivate because of the way they grow and the fact that they do not require so much light.

So this option is best for growers in places with short growing seasons or for indoor cultivation. It is also considered the best option for newbies.

Feminized Seeds

The major difference between this and the regular cannabis seed is that they have been bred to produce only female plants. This is a very important factor to consider because it is the flower that consumers smoke and these flowers are only produced by female plants. It is risky to have a male plant in the batch because it can ruin the harvest by pollinating near the female plants and making them produce flowers that have seeds. 

This is the main reason why commercial growers insist on cultivating only feminized seeds. You can check out the OG seeds site for more info on this.

Is it Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis Seeds 101

The seed of cannabis is considered the same thing as the plant itself so it will be illegal to purchase it if you live in a state where cannabis is illegal.  The farm bill of 2018 legalized marijuana and similar herbs and plants but there are still states where they are considered illegal.

So if you are not sure whether the product is legal in your state, it is best to buy it from local producers or within your state. This is less risky because you wouldn’t have to cross state lines with it. In fact, there is still the argument that cannabis is still illegal nationally in the Unites States. There is that confusion between hemp and marijuana so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Another way you can get these seeds without running afoul of the law is by getting then as ‘souvenirs’ from marihuana seed banks. But we still recommend that you stay within state lines.

How to Choose the Best Cannabis Seed for Cultivation

To get the best yield from your plant, it is vital to have the right seed and that is why we share the following tips to help you:-

  1. Buy mature seed that is still fresh – When the seed is still fresh it has a higher possibility of germinating faster and growing into a healthy plant. You can identify a mature seed by its color which is between grey and brown with speckles. It will also be glossy in appearance without cracks. Additionally, fresh mature seeds are usually bigger than the old or immature seed. To ensure you get the right seed, do not buy seeds that have just been harvested or the ones that have been stored for long. 
  2. Consider the strain you want based on the effect you desire when used. The two major strains are sativa and indica. Indica produces a calm and relaxing effect while sativa is energizing and produces a high in the user. Most of the seeds that are available are hybrid which means you can get an option that is either sativa dominant or indica dominant.
  3. Find out the duration for growth so that you can pick an option that fits your schedule.
  4. Choose the option of what to plant based on the location or spot you want to use. Also consider which seed is best for indoor or outdoor cultivation. Click here for more info on the subject.


Home or private cultivation of cannabis is on the rise and because of that, there is a proliferation of businesses that advertise the seed for this cultivation. It is therefore imperative that one is careful and takes time to understand the basics before going into the cultivation of marijuana.

We believe that the information we have shared here is a good starting point for any newbie.