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Cannabis seeds in the UK are going to shake up healthcare


Across the world, we see an increase in countries that are legalizing cannabis. This not only has to do with the decriminalization of drugs but also because there are many use cases for the plant. In healthcare, there are many of those use cases to be further explored. For example, within the space of cancer treatments patients receive cannabis to elevate some of the pain, they are experiencing. Cannabis seeds in the UK are also gaining a larger fanbase. In this article, we explore why this is the case.

Cannabis seeds in the UK for medical reasons

If you want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis, you can decide to purchase medical cannabis at a designated store. However, it is also possible to purchase cannabis seeds in the UK yourself and grow the plants. There are numerous benefits to this. For example, you are in charge of yourself and know what the plant receives. In an illegal setting, you are never exactly sure what you are buying from the street. In a legal setting, this already gets better. Often it is still not clear what types of pesticides are being used. If you want to take control yourself, purchasing seeds is the way to go.

How to select the best seeds

Cannabis seeds come in many shapes and sizes. It is important to go for seeds that are darker in color (e.g. brown, black and tanned). Like other things in nature, the best seeds are symmetrical and are strong. If you encounter a seed that has a soft shell, it is best not to select it. Larger seeds are also preferred over smaller ones. 

How can cannabis help in medical cases?

Research is still being conducted in a lot of different universities and research facilities. Sometimes it is hard to prove that a specific result can be accounted for by cannabis. This also makes it difficult to legalize cannabis in the first place. However, there is consensus that it can help elevate pain (e.g. in case of medical treatments) or it can help combat restlessness. 

Cannabis without the undesirable side-effects

Although some of the benefits of cannabis are obvious, lots of people still do not want to try it. The reason? The psychoactive effects that come with. These effects can be accounted to the THC that is present in cannabis. Luckily there are methods of cannabis consumption that do not include this psychoactive substance. For example, you can choose to use CBD oil

What is CBD?

This is a special oil that is extracted from the cannabis plant. It does not include THC and it can be consumed in a drink or meal. This means that you do not have to smoke it, which is an acceptable way of inhaling cannabis. It poses to be a healthy alternative to cannabis and can be put to the test in micro-dosing which can help people with anxiety, among other cases.