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Don’t Go Back To The Person Who Hurt You – You Are Better Off Without Them

going back to someone who hurt you

You are putting on a brave face. You are doing your best to remain strong. However, when you go home after a night out with your friends and fake laughing with them, you can’t stop thinking about them. The one who hurt you. The one who broke your heart.

And suddenly, the pain is so real, and the emptiness inside you keeps growing and growing until you can’t take it anymore. That’s when the tears come.

You are re-reading old messages. You are replaying old conversations in your head. You are following their every step on social media. You are letting your feelings consume you, and they are slowly killing you from the inside.

You know they are wrong for you. You know they are not the same person that you fell in love with. But you desperately want to get them back and try again. Because you love them…

You want them to apologize. You want them to admit they were wrong. You don’t want to accept the hurtful truth that they are toxic, that they’ll never change. You will always be a puppet to taking their problems and anger out on. And you? You didn’t do anything wrong. Your only mistake was loving them with all your heart.

Why you should never go back to someone who hurt you?

People like that don’t deserve someone like you. For one moment, they showed you their sweet and loving side and you fell for them. You thought they were honest with you. You believed when they told you they would never leave you. Until they did. They changed overnight. From a good, sweet, caring, and loving person they became someone else. Someone controlling, manipulative, and abusive. It was all a massive shock to you.

And you tried to fix things. You tried to save your relationship and be with them because that’s the kind of person that you are. You never give up on the people you love. Unfortunately, they didn’t care about you. They didn’t appreciate your big heart. For them, you were disposable, you didn’t matter.

going back to someone who hurt you

Sometimes, they bring out that charmingly good side of them only to lure you back in their web, to make you fall for them again. You are powerless. You can’t resist them. So, you go back even though you promised yourself a hundred times that you won’t. And once again the vicious emotional rollercoaster continues…

Again, you are feeling broken, hurt, let down, fearful, and confused. And again, they don’t care.

Next time, you have to say no. You can’t go back. They are dangerous for you.

If you keep going back to someone who hurt you, you’ll only hurt yourself more and more.

Stand your ground, gorgeous person. It is better for you to be alone than with them sucking the life out of you and poisoning your kind heart. You know they don’t deserve your love. You know you deserve someone who will love you with the same intensity as you love them. Someone who will actually give a damn about you.

You are stronger, happier, braver, and more confident alone than with them by your side. Don’t stop your progress. You’ve come so far. This has to be the end of the pain. You can do it.

I believe in you.