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Essential Attributes of a Complete PCB Design Software


Speaking about designing printed circuit boards; there is various PCB design software available in the market. Every electronic engineer who is looking to commence designing a printed circuit board requires the aid and assistance of fantastic PCB design software. Out of all the PCB design software present in the market; sometimes it becomes extremely tough to choose a good one. To help you in your selection we are sharing with you some of the amazing attributes, advantages, and provisions offered by good PCB design software. So, if your selection provides you with the following; go for it. (1)

  • Impeccable & Immaculate Component Management

The majority of the time, a PCB designer has to work on a product that has many different variances, variations or deviations. These variations could be for any element like temperature rating, voltage rating, available memory and many more. Obviously, different variations mean that the value of the associated component needs to be changed. Good PCB design software allows you to set up a new variation in a single project itself. So, if for each variation your chosen PCB design software makes you open a new project it is time that you change your design tool.

  • Unified Design Environment

When coming to selecting the components for your printed circuit board, the list is tremendously huge and each component has its own documentation and datasheet. Rather than wasting your time going through each and every data sheet; good PCB design software has all this data integrated into it in the form of a library. Moreover, if a PCB design software allows you to integrate the same library with other design tools; you, definitely, have struck gold in the form of marvellous PCB design software. Moreover, the availability of a component library provides several PCB design advantages enabling you to develop a quality design in less time.

  • 3D Output

When designing with 2D PCB design software you can’t see what your board will look like in reality. Moreover, 3D enables you to see the heights of different components as well. PCB design software must have the capability to generate a 3D output or view of your printed circuit board. The 3D output is great for the effective placement of components over aboard. Please check that 3D capabilities must be a part of the core software and shouldn’t be offered as an optional provision. Optional provisions, generally, don’t work well and with the majority of optional provisions, you need to open a separate window or a tool to access the functionality, rather than simulating that functionality over your current development environment.

  • Provision to Design any kind of Printed Circuit Board

Good PCB design software is not limited to only one or two types of printed circuit board. Before investing in software, it is critical to know whether the software provides the facility to create any kind of PCB in it or not. If you are looking to design complex boards such as High-Density Interconnect PCBs or a speed design then you shouldn’t look for an alternative design tool; unnecessarily wasting your hard-earned resources and essential time.

  • Support of the Community

The community support of a design tool reflects its popularity. Good PCB design tools are extremely popular amongst experienced and professional PCB designers and usually have a very strong community around them. If you are stuck anywhere while using design software the Help Section must be able to sort things out for you in a matter of minutes; as most projects are time-bound and a PCB designer cannot afford to lose on time.

  • Prototyping & Testing

Prototyping and testing are essential for developing a fully functional and reliable design. Rapid prototyping enables a PCB designer to catch on the faults, errors, and bugs in the designing phase itself. Hence, the final design is virtually free of any kinds of errors. This prevents surprises to come up when the design of the printed circuit board is sent for production.


The above-mentioned points will, undoubtedly, help you to choose good PCB design software enabling you to complete your projects on time as well as enjoy a host of other advantages and benefits offered by it.