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Expand your horizon and your mind


This article is here to tell you to try something new. Opening our minds to the world and all its opportunities is one of the best things that we can do for ourselves. There are so many opportunities out there to explore, so many places to travel, and so many things to try. Do yourself a favor and read along, as we give a few tips to how you can kickstart this process and start expanding your horizon.

Break out of your comfort zone

Breaking out of your comfort zone is one of the healthiest things we can do as humans. Life is about balancing the right amount of chaos and peace in our lives. Peace represents our habits, our everyday life, and the things we are used to doing. Routines and comfort bring us peace. Chaos is represented by the challenges life gives us. Chaos is represented by new opportunities that can abrupt the peace we find in our routines and daily lives.

Balancing chaos and peace is difficult, but many people fear chaos. However, change and growth is only possible when we invite chaos in, face the challenges that we are given, or when we challenge ourselves and try something new. Chaos might seem wild but inviting chaos into your life doesn’t mean quitting your job or leaving your partner. It can be something more trivial as well.

The bedroom is one arena where many people are afraid of expanding their horizon and trying something new. This can make sex a monotone experience, which in time can be fatal to a relationship. As such, you can learn much from being open to new experiences, exploring your fantasies and the like. Have a talk with yourself or your partner and find out what you’d like to try.

You can try using handcuffs, a vibrator, or blindfolds. Take small steps, and once even this becomes routine, you can try more wild things, like a Sex swing. Being open to exploring each other in a relationship can add a really strong dynamic to a relationship that is often underestimated. Sex is often seen like something that belongs to relationships of younger people, however although it is true that our sex drive decreases as we grow older, it doesn’t disappear completely, before we are seniors.

Explore the world

Another way to explore yourself, and expand your horizon is to travel the world. Most people are a product of the surroundings we are raised in, which we of course can’t be at fault for. It is, however, our responsibility as we get older, to acknowledge that there are many other cultures and ways of living out there in the world. Discovering new cultures can help us discover that perhaps our parents’ ways aren’t the best, or on the contrary, help us realize that we were luckier and more privileged when growing up.

Knowing that there are other ways of doing things like politics, food, and life in general, can help us understand the world. And understanding the world we live in, makes us more whole as a person. Travelling is cheaper than you might think, and most of us can save money in our everyday life, by cutting down on expensive habits. So, what are you waiting for? (1)