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Facts That Will Help You In Understanding Your Significant Other


It is no surprise that there are many fundamental differences between men and women and the way they think and process their emotions. Even though it goes without saying that this doesn’t put one or the other on a pedestal there is no denying it. And luckily, hundreds of years of analyzing and studying both of these genders have given psychologists the opportunity to dissect these differences and work out different methods that will make communication easier for these two. And these methods have been broken down into the most important facts which is exactly what this article will focus on. Here are some of the best psychology facts that will help you better understand your partner.

Body Language

This is one we have all heard before and for a pretty good reason. The importance of body language is widely underestimated even though it can say way more about what the person is thinking or what their intentions are, than words. And this comes in handy for both the men and the women equally. And the reason for this is that the communication center inside a woman’s brain is larger compared to the man’s center. This leads to females being way better at processing words and using them to their advantage while being able to communicate whatever it is they are feeling. At the same time, men are much worse at reading between the lines or even articulating their emotions and feelings. This is why body language is the perfect solution for all the females who are trying to understand their partner but are failing to do so because of not being able to understand what is going on inside the male’s head. And it definitely won’t hurt men to look into a female’s body language too which is usually easier to read.

Taking Risks

A lot of people are surprised when they hear that the best device that clearly shows the difference between men and women is gambling. This is simply because women tend to play it much safer compared to males and are actually prone to making more logical and thought-out decisions while men usually risk way more when, for example, playing at a real cash online casino and wager a lot more. This is very easily detectable when you look at the base of any online casino where you will find that the gender split between men and women isn’t that big anymore and is almost even at this point. But at the same, there is a clear difference between their playing habits and the games that they chose. This is because women usually go for games that are less stressful and risky while men typically choose traditional table games that require focus and a lot of skills.

Sharing against Solving

There is yet another difference between the genders when it comes to how and why they share and communicate. Women usually tend to share to communicate and men communicate in order to solve their problems. This is why women are often feeling distressed because their male partners don’t seem to understand that sometimes people just want to complain and don’t want to hear a logical solution from their significant other. This is because men like to solve their problems on their own and don’t like to share them. Meanwhile, women share their problems with their partners simply to communicate and get some support. Acknowledging this is key for communicating better with your partner and having realistic expectations from them.