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The Heartbreaking Story Of A Cancer Patient Who Dies 10 Months After Marrying His Long-Time Sweetheart Who Stood By Him During His Battle


He was a manager at Microsoft and married to the love of his life. Some would think he had it all he needed in life; that is not always the case. It’s funny how life decides to turn our world upside-down in just a second.

Straits Times reported that Mr. Koh Ming Hao from Singapore has died on 8 June 2017 from terminal cancer, a day after his 34th birthday.

He was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer in June 2013. After that, he lived for four years despite his doctors telling him that he had left only one year to live.

During his four year battle with cancer, he underwent more than 60 chemotherapies and endured many operations.

However, what’s impressive is his reaction to the eventual fading of his life. He didn’t become bitter or frustrated. He didn’t complain to others how the life is not fair to him, or refused to leave the room wallowing in self-pity. No, he didn’t do any of that.

Instead, he stood up and faced heroically his illness while many would have just given up if they were in his shoes.

He continued going to work and doing everything he loved doing before the cancer. He decided to travel more and make the best of each remaining day.

His wife, Daphnie Chong – the love and the light of his life was there to support him

Daphnie Chong, his long-time sweetheart, when she vowed to “love him, comfort him, and keep him in sickness and in health” took her vow seriously.

This devoted woman should be an example to everyone that when you truly love someone leaving them when the times are hard is not an option.

She lived by her wedding vows even before making them back in August 2016.

They were both 15 years old when they started dating. It never dawned on them that their whole life can be suddenly hit with a tremendous pain when they discovered about his incurable disease.

However, she never left him. She stood by him, loved him, and supported him like she always did before.

They decided to enjoy every moment to the fullest and make the most of their time together.

His condition became worse last month in spite of his regular chemo therapies. When he passed away, his wife left a heartbreaking text on her Facebook, saying: “Till we meet again, babe.”

Let’s all take a moment to celebrate this brave man and his amazing woman who encouraged many fellow cancer patients to grasp their lives and never give up.