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How choosing the right CBD shop can help with PTSD


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a serious condition. Although some people might think it is an ailment that only military veterans suffer from, it is a wide-ranging illness with citizens from many different backgrounds and experiences as its victims.

PTSD can occur as a result of a multitude of scenarios. Anything that causes sufficient traumatic shock to everyday mental well-being can result in a long-lasting chronic condition that affects individuals in various ways.

Symptoms can include but are not limited to, panic and anxiety attacks brought on by specific triggers. They can be insomnia, depression, addiction issues, general stress problems, and many related physical ailments such as sweating, nausea, or even pain.

PTSD can often be a problem that generally goes unnoticed by others as sufferers can become adept at covering up their problems to lead a typical day-to-day life. However, as with many other issues that involve mental health and well-being, avoiding the problem can often lead to a situation where it is simply suppressed and may well cause a more significant issue over time.


The effects of having experienced trauma in the past can be very real in the present. Many people who have PTSD have vivid flashbacks that can bring events back in extreme detail. Nightmares or daytime thoughts that are intrusive and encompassing can cause distress levels that equal or even exceed the original experience. Relatively simple symbolic reminders can often trigger them.

The way people deal with this condition can vary as much as the reasons for the PTSD itself. Some will be able to live a relatively normal life that is interrupted by episodes that express themselves in various ways. Others will essentially be so debilitated that they can’t carry out day-to-day tasks that most people would simply take for granted.

Getting better

One of the most critical steps in dealing with any health issue, whether physical or mental, is confronting the problem and identifying it. Only then can you take positive actions to help yourself get better and make a full recovery.

PTSD is a recognized condition, and it isn’t something that can easily be self-diagnosed, so if you think you might be a sufferer, it is in your best interest to seek professional advice.

For many people, the diagnosis comes about as part of treatment or investigation into other related issues. That might then be traced back to an incident or series of experiences in the past that have left lasting damage.


Various levels of treatment will be suitable, depending on how severe each case might be. However, there are many ways for sufferers to learn to adapt and manage the condition for themselves.

Although emotional numbness and a seemingly withdrawn approach can sometimes characterize a person with PTSD, this is often a natural self-protection reaction that is an almost automatic process.

The conscious avoidance of triggers, whether that might include locations, certain people, or various activities that could remind someone of a trauma they have experienced, is another understandable and effective method that is almost certain to be employed without much conscious effort.

Due to its proven beneficial effects in relieving stress and anxiety, CBD is becoming a top-rated product for managing PTSD symptoms. Of course, as with most other things, the efficiency of this method relies on finding a reputable CBD shop such as CBD Luxe, where you can get impartial advice as well as source the best quality products.

Another acronym that many people with PTSD will be familiar with is CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. It is an effective form of treatment that involves learning to recognize triggers and responses to them. That can be particularly effective in helping to deal with PTSD episodes and in aiding longer-term recovery.


The old saying that time is the best healer has two sides to it regarding PTSD. In one sense, the passing of time is almost at the heart of the problem because the events that had a significant negative impact still resonate and cause distress and harm even many years later.

On the other hand, time can also be a healer, even in this case. When long-term recovery is the goal, and the correct methods to deal with both the current problems and their historical causes are put in place, the future can be one where the past does cease to be relived over and over again.