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How Meditating In Nature Can Enhance The Benefits


Meditation has become an exceptionally popular method of relieving stress and enhancing a sense of calm and wellbeing, although, when pairing meditation with nature, there is significant reason to believe that the overall benefits would be drastically enhanced. Whether you opt to take your meditation outdoors by heading to the local park, or finally achieving your backyard goals by landscaping and planting a few calming plants, meditating in nature will boost benefits of health and general wellbeing.

Creating The Perfect Outdoor Retreat For Meditation

If you are considering finally getting to work on your back yard, it would be wise to start by tending to your lawn as your lawn should be considered the blank canvas you will then decorate according to your chosen landscaping theme. Once your lawn is in top condition, you should move on to planting a few flowers, shrubs and plants; opting for evergreen solutions where possible as these types of plants are generally considered low-maintenance and easy to care for. You should avoid going overboard with flowers and stick to a few colour choices as well to maintain and compliment your chosen theme. Add in a few rocky pathways where it would suitable and include a seating plan with either patio furniture or charming natural and comfortable look floor cushions. Your seating plan should coordinate well with your space for meditation, which is why floor cushions would be a fantastic choice.

To enhance the calming effects of nature, you should also consider investing in a water fountain. Outdoor fountains are able to provide the soothing sounds of flowing water which is considered white noise that will help block out stress and anxiety during your meditation times. Therefore, water fountains don’t just look really great, but they also add magical health benefits for those who are feeling overwhelmed with the pressure of everyday life.

Connecting With Nature In Your Own Backyard

When you picture people meditating, there’s a massive change you see imagery of an individual sitting peacefully outside whilst surrounded by ample greenery and a soothing blue sky. This is probably because the most ideal space to meditate is within nature. For this reason, many who follow the calming practice often play nature sounds, such as crashing waves while meditating as the sounds of nature amplify the results of a 30-minute meditation session.

If you have not yet indulged in the practice of meditating, you could search for a few beginner guides on how to start your journey to a calmer you and consider investing some time in the practice of yoga as well as the two are often considered practices in the same category. The health benefits of meditation include a calmer sense of self and enhanced wellbeing while reduced stress, anxiety, and depression are also at the top of the list for those who practice meditating regularly for at least half an hour at a time.

The Benefits Of Nature Merged With Meditation

Spending time in nature will provide several alluring benefits, even if you aren’t practising meditation. From reduced signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress, to enhanced blood circulation and improved respiratory function, our bodies greatly appreciate the ample fresh air and calming sounds found in natural spaces. What’s more, being able to take in the sights of nature, be it even a few green thriving plants or a running stream, will enhance inner peace and mend your mental state in a shockingly short space of time. There is absolutely no reason why anyone should avoid nature and when considering just how many people crave the outdoors and indulge in a weekend of camping to mend their internal clocks and reduce depression, you should consider how the benefits of spending time in nature could transform your life.

As meditating provides us with seemingly similar benefits to those of spending time within nature, it makes perfect sense that merging the two would amplify the results. Therefore, creating an outdoor space that boasts even a few plants and the sounds of running water to enjoy your meditation sessions will be a great choice that will provide notable benefits. If you don’t have a backyard, you could bring nature in and invest in a water wall or even a small indoor water feature to enjoy the benefits of the calming white noise even while you sleep. In addition to this, adding a few indoor plants to your home decor will provide you with similar benefits on a daily basis.