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How To Boost Productivity In Workplace? 

how to be more productive at work

Managers and business owners ask themselves quite often how to increase the productivity of their employees and in turn, obtain higher revenue.

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Here are a few tips on how to increase their productivity: 

1. Motivate them

Motivation and productivity are connected, so try to motivate your employees by eliminating the motivation killers and increase the career development opportunities, overwork, negative employees, feeling under-appreciated, and boredom.

2. Do not organize too many meetings

Before organizing a meeting, you can always ask yourself if you can convey the same idea or information using emails, short video chats, or maybe phone calls. Sometimes, meetings are not necessary and a waste of time, which can decrease productivity.

3. Stop micromanaging

This can negatively affect productivity and cause additional stress and employees would not like it if they are doubled – checked for everything they do. You can always make a balance and be a hands-on manager and believe in your team and sit aside and give clear instructions, and schedule regular inspections.

4. Give your employees the right equipment

All collaborative and communication tools (Trello, Asana, G Suite, and others) will make your team work more efficiently and stay in touch. Also, there are some time tracking tools like ZoomShift that can help them to stay on track and see how they do on the task.

How To Be Productive All The Time At Work? 

Organization and time management at work can be hard, and you cannot dedicate yourself to some tasks and complete them on time, but with some small adjustments, you can improve your productivity. 

1. Take regular breaks

Although most workplaces have mandatory and regular scheduled breaks, and the employees can have a 5 to 10-minute break every hour, it is important to take a break when you feel like you need to. This will help you regain energy and increase your motivation. So, it is important to take several breaks during the day. (1)

2. Use some strategies to decrease the interruptions

Even though small talks with your colleagues are quite enjoyable, they can decrease your productivity, so it is nice to put on your headphones to limit the sounds and tell them politely that you want to concentrate on your work.

3. Focus on one task at a time

When you alternate between tasks, some of them may remain unfinished and be of a lower quality, which cannot be the case if you focus just on one task at a time, where you settle on just one objective. But, if you are able to multitask, you can do more assignments at the same time, but it is important to prioritize the tasks in order of importance.

4. Use the two – minutes rule

This rule included finishing tasks that can be finished in 2 minutes or less and have been postponed, like responding to an email, creating new objectives, printing an outline, etc…

Although they look small, these tasks should be done, and they are part of the to-do list of the day and can be really important for your overall productivity. (2)

5. Consider using time blocks

With time blocks, you can easily set a limit on the task you work on, print out your schedule and highlight the time frames where the time blocks should be, and this will be a visual schedule so you can keep track of the time periods you work on.

6. Make productive meetings

Standing meetings always increase alertness and concentration. You can also take notes during meetings on the most important topics and discuss them again with your colleagues if it is needed.

Nowadays, attending a meeting via a web platform or mobile phone is also an alternative if you do not want to waste your time and have more time for your personal tasks.

How Do You Measure Productivity In The Workplace?

One of the vital components of human resources is measuring employee productivity, and if it is not measured, it cannot be improved. 

Employee productivity should be measured to make investment decisions, such as modernizing the company. Another factor is the estimation of the workforce’s efficiency so you can accommodate a challenging deliverable, and, in the end, all managers would like to see how their employees are performing. 

Every company may measure productivity differently, and there are various methods that you can use, such as follows: 

Measure productivity by profit

This method is usually used by small to medium-sized companies, and it is done by tracking the revenue it is very simple, if the revenue increases, it means that the employees are productive. There are some amazing software tools you can use to track down the productivity of employees in our modern age. (3)

Measure productivity with the quantitative method

This method is easy and straightforward and it depends on the employees themselves and their capabilities of processing calls, products, and applications for an hour, day, or a month it is very convenient for small-size companies and enterprises. (4)

Using the method Measuring By Objectives (MBO)

For this method, you should give each one of your employees some specific goals and tasks to accomplish and measure their productivity by the results they have achieved and how they contributed to the company’s success.

To use this method, you need to set objectives, supervise the whole process and support the employee and do regular evaluations to track the progress of each employee. (5)

How Can You Productive All Day Long? 

If you want to have a successful day ahead and be very productive, you need to do some things on daily basis: 

  1. Limit alcohol, caffeine, and electronics before going to sleep and sleep in the dark and a cool little room to wake up refreshed.
  2. Wake up early, drink a glass of water, do some exercise, and have a healthy breakfast.
  3. Set your intentions for the day and have a moment to think over them clearly and you can write them on a piece of paper and bring them to work.
  4. Avoid social media and use of your phone and do not deliver emails or make phone calls when you wake up.
  5. You can schedule all the activities for the day into your calendar and of course, the breaks.
  6. Have positive thinking and recite some positive affirmations to keep you motivated.
  7. Tackle the most important task first and rest all other assignments for later that day.

 How Can You Be Productive For 12 Hours-Shift?

Working 12 hours shift can have a negative impact on your health and can lead to constant fatigue, sleep disorders, and obesity; sometimes, you need to speak even with your physician about your health problems.

But, how can you make those 12 hours of work easier and more productive for you? Here are some tips to follow:

1. Eat regularly and healthy

When it comes to working 12 hours a day, your food plays a key role in your ability to work and complete all the tasks you need to do successfully. You can make your lunches early in the morning or late at night before going to work.

2. Take breaks to relax and destress

Working 12 hours shift can be very stressful, and you can easily lose focus, so taking breaks is very important for raising your energy level and allowing your body and mind to refocus.

You can listen to some music or chat with a coworker to relax and change the subject you work on.

3. Get enough rest

You cannot function normally with a lack of sleep and enough rest, and you always stick to your schedule when it comes to sleeping and goes to sleep at the same time if you work long hours, although it might be challenging.