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How to Cum More Without Periods Of Abstinence


I don’t know if porn stars are to blame, but many guys are obsessed with shooting bigger loads of cum on their partner. Given that they don’t care as much about the amount when ejaculating inside, this has to be an issue of power and confidence. Men perhaps associate their cum loads with their overall sexual performance. While one definitely doesn’t have much to do with the other, it cannot be denied that both men and women enjoy bigger loads. Here’s something else that cannot be denied. Not all men ejaculate the same amount.

Read more about that here: https://www.womenshealthmag.com/sex-and-love/a19954185/different-semen-amounts/ 

Yes, you have heard that right, women like it too! Sure it’s not the most important part of a sexual intercourse for them, but there’s definitely something about a big load that gets their juices flowing. That’s exactly why men are looking for a way to increase their loads and give both them and their partners the pleasure of a huge cumshot.

Since both partners (or more – hey, we’re not judging) are enjoying this so much, it’s only logical for men to take certain measures to give it to them. I mean, to give them a big load of cum. I wasn’t thinking what you’re thinking, you dirty, dirty mind. Oh, wait! Okay, my mind was probably dirtier, but we’re talking about sex and nut butter here. How am I to stay all prudent and nice?

Okay, I admit it. There might be a way to stay prudent and nice, but there’s really no point to that, since the info I am about to give you will be the same anyway. I suppose you’re not here to learn about how the reproductive system works or anything like that. You were searching for a way to cum more heavily, for God’s sake. The least you can do is deal with my language.

I have heard that many guys are trying to increase their load by short periods of abstinence. That must be frustrating for your partner, huh? You choose to wait for a few days, while they need it so bad. Here’s a thought! Stop making them wait because there are other ways. According to a porn star, abstinence doesn’t necessarily always help. Go here to read what else the porn star had to say.

What Is It That Helps If Not Abstinence?

There are a lot of different answers to this question. You can find people saying that it is all in your diet. In other words, what you eat determines how much cum your partner will get afterwards. Others say that it is all in proper hydration, while some claim that it’s the combination of these two. Given the texture of jizz, a combination makes most sense.

There’s more! It can have to do with exercising and engaging in physical activity, getting enough sleep and leading a stress free life. I admit it, all of these factors can play a big role in the volume of your cum. After all, a healthy lifestyle really does wonders for our whole body.

Let us be honest here. Leading a perfectly healthy lifestyle is not that easy. If something else doesn’t motivate you, then I doubt it you’ll get motivated by this reason. The fact that generally active and healthy men are also trying to increase their load proves that not everything is about exercising and that there’s more that needs to be done.

Let me tell you of a little something that can help you achieve this goal. It’s called a cum booster, a semen enhancer, or a similar name. No matter the name of the product, they all serve the same purpose. You can see what I’m talking about at Sex Toy Education to help and provide you more information with this issue. Trust me, no amount of a healthy lifestyle can help you get as heavy and as tasty (oops) a load as the one you will get with these products.

They are designed to increase the volume of your semen and to help you regulate your orgasms, which means that you can kiss premature ejaculation goodbye. Additionally, they are said to increase overall pleasure that both you and your partner get during sex. Most importantly, with these products, you will finally be able to shoot that big load you’ve been dreaming of and feel like a porn star.