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How to Make The Best Vampire Costume This Halloween?


Vampire costumes are the most popular ones at Halloween parties. It’s fun to dress up like the Gothic or Victorian vampires and get to relive the stories and have a taste of that era.

People enjoy dressing up like witches and wizards, zombies, mummies, and many more but vampires have a different appeal altogether. They are sophisticated and scary at the same time. Some people even try out different ways to portray the vampire style by adding up elements of fun.

If you want to look like an authentic vampire of the Gothic or Victorian Era, you need to get a dark costume that looks sophisticated. We generally have black suits or tuxedos, gowns, and long dresses, so it’s quite more comfortable for us to arrange for the clothes. Men can pair them with a frilled white shirt and read-waist coat, and women can add some frill element to the bottom of their gowns with some red ribbons around the waist or a portion of red.

The essential part of the costume is the make-up. It is necessary for us to get that vampire look on our faces. We can get the look we desire through our make-up. We can do it ourselves at home as it is not that tough and a little disaster will not play havoc somewhat increasing the appeal.

Make-up looks for vampires:

  1. Pale white face- It denotes death. A vampire is considered to be not living a natural but sustaining his/her life on others.
  2. Deep red eyes- It can add to the devilish character of the vampire who is looking for his/her hunt. You can go for red-coloured contact lenses.
  3. Deep purple eye sockets- It gives us the feeling as if the vampire hasn’t slept for ages.
  4. Blood red lips with some blood oozing out-Gives us the impression that the vampire just had his/her meal, and added another feather to his/her hat.
  5. Visible deep purple veins on the cheeks- Make you look even more real, deadly, and an authentic vampire whose identity can’t be questioned.

Enhance the looks with these accessories:

  1. A typical high collar cape-A red or black cape with large collars around your shoulders complete the look.
  2. Vampire fangs- Fangs are so vital. I mean, how will you look vicious without them? Long, piercing ones are available in the market. But make sure they fit well over your teeth.
  3. An old top hat- A hat gives a sophisticated look, and it is essential if you’re going for a Gothic look.
  4. Ornate Jewellery- Gold or metal jewellery will provide you with a Victorian look. But try to avoid any religious symbols as they will add spiritual sense which will go against the vampires. You can also go for a skull vampire ring which adds to the vampire look.

These days, people are also going for the casual vampire look as portrayed in the movie Twilight. You can pair up your casuals with contemporary vampire make-up. This will make you vampire of today and people will like the change.