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How To Stay Stress-Free And Sleep Well Using Weighted Blankets?


Stress surely is a part of urban life. How much you try to keep stress out of life, it comes back with new styles and faces every time. Some stress can be handled without any issues, and a certain phase of life may be stress filled and may waive off with time, but in some cases, stress is a byproduct of your job and career, and cannot simply be kicked out. You have to cope up with it in the day to day life. In some cases, stress comes from your family life or the relationships in your life.

Then also you have little to do to get out of stress. That’s why stress has become a chronic problem in the lives of many and needs to be eased off as much as possible through several means. One of the best natural solutions to keep stress off is sleep. The better sleep you get, the better you can fight stress.

The relation between sleep and stress

Stress peaks up more when the body and mind do not get an adequate amount of rest. If you are not sleeping enough and not get sleep at a stretch through 6 to 8 hours, then stress can dominate you even more than usual. That’s because a tired brain and body cannot fight stress. A night of good sleep can reduce stress to a great extent, and that is why most medicines for stress are made to promote better sleep. Better sleep along with calmed down nerves help reduce stress. And natural methods are far better than medicines in promoting sleep. Hence the use of best weighted blankets for stress reduction and sleep promotion works.

Weighted blankets

If you are in stress, then you can try weighted blankets. Weighted blankets got their name for being built in a heavy way using glass beads throughout the blanket in the folds and pockets of the blanket in between well-sewn threads. The small organic noiseless glass beads add to the weight of the blanket and make the blanket heavy. And this weight of the blanket exerts a comfortable pressure on the body as you get inside it. The blanket material comforts the body while the beaded weight of the blanket presses the body so soft and comfortable that stress and anxiety get far off, and the mind can slowly doze off to sleep. And that is the beauty of weighted blankets.

They come in a variety of designs, weights, and materials. They can be made from mink or may be made from bamboo. The choice is on you. If you are a sleeper who sweats a lot at night or under a blanket, then bamboo is the best material for you to keep cool at summers and warm in winters. Also, bamboo fabric blankets can keep your body dry and sweat free.


Weighted blankets work wonder in helping you sleep faster and better. The weight of the blanket works like a charm in relaxing the body, and this relaxation reaches the mind in no time to lull you asleep.