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If He Doesn’t Bother To Date Your Properly, Maybe He’s Not the One For You


Let’s make things clear and let everything out in the open.

There’s a huge difference between a man who has just discovered the rules of dating and has no experiences and a man who’s been through a lot and still chose to follow the ‘douchebag’ road in life.

I mean come on… what good can come of dating someone who doesn’t bother to date you properly?

What good can come of being with a man who doesn’t seem to care about you the way you care about him?

Hanging out is not dating, people. Seeing someone once in a week and wondering whether they’re interested in you because they haven’t called you back, isn’t a relationship. If you ask for my opinion, it’s bulls*it.

If a man is too afraid to take you out in public and hold your hand, then maybe, he’s not the one for you. The real person won’t be terrified of hearing the word commitment. He won’t run for the hills once you show your first sign of affection.

On the contrary, he will do everything he can to let you know how special and loved he feels. He won’t hesitate to open his heart to you, and he won’t be embarrassed to share every secret, every thought and every opinion with you because he will finally feel comfortable in its own skin.

You deserve more.

You are worth more than gold, darling.

You are worth more than you actually accept.

You shouldn’t be waiting for all eternity for him to answer. You shouldn’t accept his manipulative, immature games. You shouldn’t settle for less. You shouldn’t believe him just because he swears what he’s saying it’s true. You shouldn’t let him force you to do anything you don’t want. You shouldn’t pretend there’s something between you, when there clearly isn’t.

You deserve to be appreciated and loved for who you are. You deserve to be with a man who treats you with respect and kindness. You deserve to be with someone who is thrilled about spending time with you.

I know that modern dating is really tough nowadays, but you have to believe me, good guys aren’t a myth. They are real, only they’re the rarest of the rare species these days.

I’m not saying it will be easy to find this person, but once you do, every struggle and every tear you shed will be worth it. I promise.

Because… The right guy… He will know how to love you. The love you desperately craved for will finally wrap its hands around you and it will alleviate you. It will change everything you once believed was true.

So, if he ignores your concerns, if he doesn’t bother to date you properly, and he avoids revealing his true emotions about where is your relationship going, maybe after all, he’s not the one for you. Don’t try to justify his behavior, don’t even try to look for a hidden message behind his actions.

The sooner you realize that some things are not worth fighting for, the better off you’ll be.

Life is too short, my dear. Real love is totally worth waiting for.