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I’m Done Trying To Save This Relationship – This Is Me Giving Up On You

im done trying

Tell me… how is it so easy for you to make promises while I’m right there beside you, watching you break them?

How can you do that to me? How can you do that to another human being?

For so long, I hoped that this is just a phase. That every couple reaches this inevitable stage in their relationship and eventually overcomes the obstacles by deciding to work together instead of against each other.

I somehow convinced myself that every relationship requires patience, effort, and a lot of work. I refused to believe what others said about you because you somehow knew your way around me. You knew exactly what to say and when to say it. You were the most charming silver-tongued devil.

So, I stayed. Each and every time you messed things up, I forced myself to believe that is just how relationships are. I forced myself to forgive you hoping that tomorrow will bring a better day.

I believed in your lies that you love me, and you’d do everything for me. I even believed in your foolish promises that you’ll change. Yet, the only thing you changed was your promise.

You were the one who broke me. The one who destroyed my hopes. The one who taught me how to break the promises. The one who robbed me of my feelings and the one who forced me to give up on love. You made me believe that love is just a temporary fling; a powerful emotion that will eventually set me on fire and burn me to ashes.

So, here I am today… I’m finally choosing myself over you. I’m finally giving up on everything.

I’m done trying to fight for something that is already dead and rotten. I’m done living a life of illusion.

I’m done trying to make things work. I’m done wasting my time.

im done trying

This is me finally giving up on you.

This is me letting you know that I’m out of chances. I’m done being the shelter for your issues. I’m done being the victim.

This is me making it clear that I’m finally done fighting for a place in your life. I have no strength left in me. I have no desire to be a part of your world. You are simply not worth my time, nor my energy.

This is me letting you know that I’m done playing your games. I’m done believing in your bullshit.

This is me forgiving myself for letting you in my home, in my world.

This is me finally cutting you off my life for good.

This is me saying my last goodbye to you. After this, there’s no turning back.

This is me starting my new journey. Our paths will never cross again. I guarantee you.

So, thank you for showing me the way.