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Importance of Dream Analysis and How to Do It


Are you wondering whether dreams have meaning or not? If they are important to decipher? Then check our explanation regarding dreams.

What is the meaning of a dream? That question is relatively common for most people who have no idea how and why dreams happen during their sleep. There have been many methods on how to interpret dreams but none have solid proof of anything.

Science is trying to research and understand dreams, yet there have been no definite explanations. But, we can not wait for science’s formula-type explanation forever and it might not work for everybody anyway.

Here in this article, we will show you one way you can analyze your dreams and know their importance. First, we will now let you know the common dream symbols, followed by some questions to ask yourself and finally the importance of trying to interpret your dreams.

 Common Dream Symbols

Everybody’s dreams usually contain the everyday things of their lives which they can remember. They could be things they did, heard, saw, or desired. We believe all dreams have meaning and that the symbols or things in our dreams are not purely random. Real-life always has something to do with your goals, which is why everybody has unique objectives related to their life.

To grow your dream interpretation skills, you have to have some basic knowledge. Here are some of the common symbols in dreams to help you interpret.


A home is a living place for everyone and everybody goes back to it after their work to rest. In terms of comfort and openness, the home for everyone is like a safe haven. A home is a free place where we can do anything we want.

If you face someone in your dreams who is in your bedroom, it could mean something. Depending on the dream’s context, you may have different perspectives of the home.

If your home in your dream was your past home, then there is something you have to deal with from your past. If you see your present home in your dream with some tweaks here and there, then it could be meaning something of the future.


Just like home, school is an integral part of your life. There are many things to learn at whatever level of school you see in your dreams. If you see your old school, why would it be your old school at which you passed your exams? Perhaps you feel like something is unresolved.

If you find yourself in an exam, you might have something to do before starting a new career or you’re anxious about an upcoming appointment. If you find yourself fighting a classmate, then maybe you need to forgive that specific classmate and move on. If you happen to dream about your school while you are in it, it could mean several things. 


Having a car is as important as buying a home because you might not have access to public transport at all times. Seeing cars in dreams might indicate a fun road trip or something profound in your life. It could mean you’re taking your goals forward.

If the whole dream is joyous and fun, there is nothing too serious about it. If you find yourself driving the car, then it could indicate your leadership in the future. If you find yourself being driven by someone else, then you may need someone’s help to reach your desired destination in life.


If you are a pilot, then it is not so uncommon to dream about planes. But if you see any incident or accident during a dream, it is worth looking into it. If you are not a pilot, then it could signify good things. You might be going to new heights in your life. There could be a possible increase of benefits in your business, a promotion, or an advancement in your career. These can be possible explanations for seeing planes in your dreams.

Friends or Family

If you have dreams where you see friends, family, or acquaintances, then look seriously into it. People can be a huge part of the meaning of dreams. They might even carry symbolism. You have to consider many outcomes when you see people in your dreams. If you happen to see people that you do not know, then it can highlight something meaningful in the future.

The skills, age, or relationship of that person can indicate something too! Also if you find yourself helped by some people, they might represent angels; but if they harm you, they are likely your enemy.


Dream of death is not something people want to see during their sleep. Dreaming of your death or dying can also be referred to as nightmares. These will make you wake up panting and sweating or even screaming out loud.

You might even see someone who is dead talking to you. As with every other dream, you have to also analyze these nightmares and try to understand them.

Ways To Analyze Your Dreams

Dreams tend to be influenced by our situations in real life. So, dream symbols can also play a part but keep in mind that every dream has its reasons and meanings. To analyze your dreams you can follow these 5 tips.

  1. Write Down The Details

To interpret or analyze a dream you have to remember it. People usually have 4 to 6 dreams each night. But most of us still can not remember whether we had dreams at all. You might still struggle to remember your dream which you just had this morning. So try to write down the details of your dream as soon as possible. This way you can analyze them with as much information on them as possible.

  1. Point Out The Characteristics and Symbols

As mentioned earlier, dreams contain symbols and characteristics. Only interpreting the symbols will not explain the overall dream. You have to fully know the characteristics along with the symbol of the dreams to properly analyze a dream.

Some examples of characteristics are;

  • People: Frowning (angry), smiling (happy), huge (intimidation), holding guns (threatening), etc.
  • Home: Small or big (Financial status, luxury, comfort, desires, etc.), dirty or clean (mental state, attitude, etc.), dull or colorful (sadness or happiness, etc.)
  • Car: Driving speed (progression), old or new (financial status), etc.
  • Animal: Owl (wisdom), dog (faithfulness), horse (speed or strength), lion (courage), etc.
  1. Know Its Associations and Feelings

 Just like your real life, your feelings and associations have a great connection in your dreams too. Because of your emotions, you will wake up from a dream differently each day. As an example, you might have a fearful nightmare and wake up because you were being chased in your dream. The action you take in real life can represent something in your dreams. 

  1. Compare Real-Life Situations With Dream Themes

As stated earlier, dreams have a very deep connection with real-life so it is necessary to note out the small details. You may have situations where you find it pretty similar to a dream situation you had. Every dream is symbolic so you should never analyze them from a narrow perspective. If you see a theme of dreams continuing, it might be worth seeing how they connect to your everyday life.

  1. Do a Reality Check

Do a reality check of the dream by asking yourself if the situation can happen in real life. If your dream was too wild and absurd, you might not need to bother much about the dream because it could just simulate your subconscious mind. However, a crazy dream could also be a manifestation of how life feels or a deteriorating relationship.

Importance Of Dream Analysis

There are several important points of dream interpretation and analysis. Some of the must-know points are;

  1. You can access your unconscious thoughts and take advantage of them.
  2. Dreams are usually formed from experiences that have happened in real life.
  3. Dreams can feature active work issues of your life. Some dreams can lead you towards your solutions.
  4. Remembering dreams and doing analysis can open your personality more.
  5. Something important, which we do not focus too much on, in reality, can be revealed during a dream.
  6. Every dream of ours has an open or secret meaning.
  7. Dream’s can have unsettling or strange meanings but still have a small detail regarding your daily life.


When you know all the tips and dream symbols we have mentioned so far, you can analyze your dreams better. You have to give it a time when you wake up from sleep and try to jog your memory to remember what you saw during the whole dreaming state.

Keep in mind that your dreams are a place for your past, present, and future to be intertwined together. Do not overlook the importance of dream interpretation because you may also have dreams about something you never thought of.