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Is Your Teen Getting the Right Aid for Their Education?

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Parents have a crucial role in helping teens succeed in their academic careers. They can achieve this by guiding and lending their support and having access to information.

There is an increased need for seeking independence among the teens of today. However, parental involvement is still vital for their academic success. This article lists a few ways in which you can achieve this.

Getting Involved in School Activities

Data suggests that when parents support their child’s academic performance, they perform better at school. You can start doing this by participating in their school’s back-to-school night or open house. This way, you can understand the expectations of your teen’s teachers and know them too.

It also happens that the school administrators often discuss policies and programs during such meet-ups. Knowing about the post-school options can be great for their future.

Being part of parent-teacher meetings is another way to remain informed. However, during the high school days, school staff seek parental involvement only once they feel the need to address behavioural issues. 

You should also note that guardians or parents can request a meeting with the academic staff any time during the school year. You can make yourself available for such occasions.

Have Updated Information 

If you know the school building layout, you can have a more engaging conversation with your teen. You can participate in the discussion as they talk about the school day.

In the same way, you can have better information about their school from its website. You will have access to:

  • The academic calendar
  • Any special co-curricular events
  • Contacts of the school staff
  • Exam dates 
  • Curriculum-related resource material
  • Information on missing assignments and current grades (if school is sharing them online)

Helping in Their Home Work

Homework becomes vital during the high school days, and grades turn critical for the next step. Completion of such work becomes crucial for every student. Quality and timing are of paramount importance.

You should participate and support their homework expectation. Access to information on any subject is now simple, and you can find it here. The availability of such services helps to bridge the gap between the student’s need for quality supplemental education and its availability. 

Students also need to prepare for their SATs or ACTs as they plan to take the next step in their educational career. The availability of these online professional portals can be a game-changer for teens. 

One of the best ways to extend help is to ensure that your growing teen has a distraction-free place to study. It refers to creating a quiet space that doesn’t have access to a TV, phone, or websites other than homework-related content. You should ensure that they are not distracted by giving them surprise visits in between.

You can help them with their class load by preparing a study and homework schedule. While you are at it, make sure to balance the work and guide to stick to the agreed routine.

You must encourage your teen to seek help whenever they need it. They can get help from teachers during school hours or after that. They can even suggest other resources too.

Prepare Them for the Day 

It would help your teens fuel up for the day by having a good breakfast. Data suggest that a well-fed child has more energy during the day and performs better at school.

You can choose to include whole grains, protein, and fibre-rich food that help boost your concentration, attention span, and memory. When they are running late, you can help them with fresh fruits, a banana sandwich, or yoghurt. Many schools also have the option to have a nutritious breakfast before the first bell.

Another vital aspect is the amount of sleep that your teen is getting. Getting about 8 ½ to 9 ½ hours of sleep each night helps them be ready to learn and alert all day. However, teens often lack sleep due to early school timings and higher homework pressure. These can lead to a lack of sleep and thereby inconsistent performance, decreased attentiveness or delayed response time.

You can take care of the above vital aspects and at the same time help them master organizational skills as well. 

Ensuring that these teens focus and seeing them work through till the end is critical in the entire process. However, such skills are not part of any high school’s curriculum. Therefore, parental guidance will be beneficial for them to learn time management and organizational skills. Happy Parenting!