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Local Bus Driver Saw A Boy Standing In The Cold, Crying And This Is What He Did Next


A local bus driver in Washington is being praised for helping one of the students that usually ride on his bus. Why? Well, his amazing act of kindness touched the hearts of many people and gave them hope that there are good people in this world.

John Lunceford who is a U.S. Army veteran has been driving buses for Kennewick School District for over 6 years now.

One day, one of the boys who boarded on his bus was crying. When Jon looked at him, the boy was shaking from cold and his hands, ears, and nose were frozen and red. The little fella had been waiting for the bus for too long. He had been standing for two hours in the cold with nothing warm to put on his head or hands.

At that moment, Jon took off his hat, gloves, and scarf and hand them to the crying boy. He helped him find a warm spot on the bus and told him that everything is going to be ok.

But he didn’t stop right there. As soon as he dropped the students, he went to buy 10 pairs of gloves and 10 hats. After that, he went back to the school’s library and found the students gathered and studying. He then told them that if any of them are on his route and ride his bus but don’t have gloves or hats, he would take care of them.


“I’m a grandfather, you know,” he said. “No one wants a kid to suffer like that.”

Many of the kids actually accepted his offer.

“There was a little girl who said, ‘I don’t have a hat,’” John recalled, “and I said, ‘I’ll take care of you, sweetie.’”

Seems like there is still hope in this cruel, cruel world. People like Jon are truly rare, but these people are very real. They are the ones who sit next to you on the metro, the ones you see every morning on your way to work and sometimes the ones that you would least expect to do something like that.

They are our real-life superheroes!