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Normal relationships between a man and a woman

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Each mature creature is looking for a couple. A man is looking for a woman, and a woman – a man to build a love relationship. The beginning usually becomes the most pleasant moment in the entire love story, while people dream that the development of their union and passing through all stages will be unforgettable. There is also an interesting topic about the beginning of a relationship, factors that can create harmful communication and when it is better to stop it altogether, https://headway.media/7-red-flags-in-friendships/.  However, often in this area of ​​life, they are faced with many difficulties, because of which people suffer and sometimes cannot cope with all the troubles themselves.


A love relationship is the sphere of life of any adult. Since puberty, each person begins to look for his love. Of course, the first sympathies between boys and girls can occur at a younger age. However, as they improve their skills, clashes with disappointments, and the need to change their worldview, a person is forced to ask many questions that will allow them to learn to correctly build relationships. (1)

What is the relationship between men and women?

Modern men and women, as in the old days, have not yet learned to build such love relationships in which they would be absolutely happy. If earlier there were traditions, for the non -compliance of which everyone was condemned, then today all people are free. It was freedom that made it possible to see that in fact men and women are unhappy in their relationship. What is the relationship between men and women? This is the unification of two adults in order to create a strong union and realize their goals, which cannot be implemented without the presence of a second partner.

Love relationships are not deprived of problematic situations when partners do not understand each other, conflict, or quarrel. And usually, it seems to men and women that problems arose due to the lack of feelings or underdevelopment of relations. Although, in fact, the reason is the partners themselves, who themselves created the problems that they encountered and cannot cope.

Accordingly, the problems that partners face are only dependent on the lovers themselves. Problems arise not because the relations are bad or feelings have been reduced, but because the partners themselves created them with their rash words, actions or hidden intentions. For example, the desire to take revenge on a loved one for his treason will push a partner to various actions in order to worsen the happy existence of another. But what do you think, who is harmful to the Avenging person? (2)

Remember that when creating problems, offending, taking revenge, punishing, criticizing, or insulting your partner, you spoil your relationship with your own hands, words, and actions, since relationships will not be built only by you, without the participation of your loved one. Then you will suffer because you will not receive the good that people usually expect from a relationship. As a result, such a discord will lead to the fact that you and your partner will be unhappy with your relationship, which is why you want to part. And it all started only with the fact that someone did not like something and he began to create problems for his partner, without thinking that he destroyed his relationship with his own hands.