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Pop Culture’s Impact in the Middle-East

Middle East

Culture is an important aspect in every society and refers to the norms, languages, religions, likes, and dislikes of the people in a specific region. Western culture, which is also referred to as popular culture, has spread all over the world and impacted many societies and cultures such as Arabic culture.

Moreover, millennials have been deeply influenced by western culture because they were raised in a technological era, where there was fast development of technology and the internet. This enabled them to access mass culture and the world’s cultural heritage. Therefore, pop culture had an influence on the local lifestyles of many Middle-Eastern countries, especially on the young generation.

For instance, the United Arab Emirates is a very popular country and Dubai is among the most popular cities in the world. It is home to Indians, Asians and westerners from different nationalities among others. Moreover, the inhabitants practice many different religions such as Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhs. The city is full of people from diverse nationalities and this influenced the local people’s cultures in the long run.

Some elements of culture that were impacted by pop culture include;

Tv Shows

Many people have been exposed to popular Hollywood movies and shows such as Breaking Bad and Spiderman among other TV shows out there. Moreover, Hollywood is very popular in many countries and when you visit a movie theatre, you will find many people enjoying Hollywood movies. Additionally, there are western magazines that are sold locally and feature Hollywood celebrities and the western dressing trends. Therefore, you could be thousands of miles away from America and still have the same interests as the same generation living there. Moreover, pop culture has led to the increase in popularity of digital gambling sites such as those on ArabiCasino.com where people can play and win real cash.


Many people living in Middle Eastern countries can cook cuisines from different parts of the world because of the available content on the internet like food blogs and cooking tutorials. Moreover, there are many international food companies such as KFC and Burger King that have established their branches in some Arab countries. Therefore, although many people love their traditional and local cuisine, they incorporate some global cuisines such as Chinese and Italian food into their daily diet.


Many countries have their native local languages that they use on a day to day basis. However, many locals have added some western slang and language into their daily conversations.

Even though pop culture has immensely impacted the culture of many countries, many of these countries still managed to preserve their cultures and traditions. Pop culture has definitely influenced the local lifestyles of many Middle-Eastern countries and especially, the young generation.