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Self-Tour Homes on Your Own: All You Should Know


Renting a new house isn’t that easy. It involves a lot of steps, processes, and rules. Following the right process is key. Remember, it’s your money you will be parting with. Thus, getting things right is extremely important. So, before renting a new house for rent, consider the above things.


Location is an important factor when looking for houses for rent. So, establish whether the location works for you. Look for a home that is near the road. Also, the road network in the neighborhood should be impressive. An accessible home will save you time (for commuting). Plus, it will save you money. Also, ensure that the house is in a safe location. You can ascertain the safety of a location by checking the crime rates if that area. Other things to check include the business, level of noise, etc.


Go for a house for rent that’s within your budget. Don’t let excitement lead you into making haste decisions. Remember that you will be forking out cash each month towards offsetting the rent bills of that house. So, sticking within your budget is extremely important. When renting, factor in utility bills, tax expenses, etc.

Other Charges

You will have to pay real estate agents when renting a house for rent. So, be sure of the charges you will pay. For instance, if you are working with your previous agent, you might qualify for loyalty discounts. It’s important to have a good working relationship with your previous agents. Also, ask your agent about potential fees and other charges. Some of the charges may include:

  • Deposit fees
  • Referencing fees
  • Tenancy fee
  • Renewal fees
  • Exit fees


Assess the condition of the house. Inspect the ventilation and insulation levels of your home. Look at the HVAC systems. What is the condition of the gutters? Is the roof in top shape? What about the sewer system? If you notice any problem, don’t hesitate to raise the issue with the agent or landlord. Have it fixed before moving in.


Don’t be in a hurry to accept tenancy before the actual starting date. Of course, your agent may push you into it. However, this won’t give you enough time to do preparations. Remember, the new house’s paint should be fixed. Even more, the house should be cleaned. So, moving in before the tenancy date will deny you some of these privileges.

Previous Tenant

Try to ascertain the person who lived in the house before. In particular, inquire about the reasons why he/she moved out. Was it because of tenancy disagreement or security issues? Avoid houses for rent with numerous tenancy disagreements.

The Bottom-Line

When it comes to renting a new house, nothing takes center stage quite like getting things right. From the process of ensuring that the amenities and other features are in good condition, getting things right is all you need. And it begins with understanding the basics. The above key points should guide you to get the best house for rent.