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Student Love: How to Behave With the Person You Have Crush


“She doth teach the candles to burn bright….” After a busy morning spent proofreading the essay on Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” for the custom essay service, I’ve had a revelation. Hey, this play can totally serve as an excellent template for young people on how to properly behave with the person you are crushing on! So, here is my theory on the subject.

Wondering what is a crush exactly? Well, a crush is not when you just ‘like’ someone. It is a very intense feeling you get about someone. The object of your crush may well be a superhero, a beautiful faerie, and the best person ever living on Earth rolled into one. At least that is what it would seem to you. Look at Romeo: ready to spend nights watching his beloved. Look at Juliet: ready to jump into the arms of her Romeo just after one meeting, even if this Romeo is from a rival family. One does not joke with such feelings – it is a strong, beautiful flame, burning for only one person in the world.

But those feelings – especially when it is your very first love – also make it harder to approach the object of your adoration. Having a crush on someone is difficult – so here is a guide to help you!

A Step-By-Step Guide for People In Love From Romeo and Juliet.

Usually, when you intensely like someone, it is extremely hard to approach this person. It doesn’t matter whether you are a boy or a girl, you are bound to be nervous and flustered. What to do, what to do?!

  • Be yourself. Do you know what has stroked Romeo in his first meeting with Juliet, at a ball? No – not Juliet’s beauty, though it was a huge part of it. Wherever Romeo has tried to blind her with his compliments and posturing – she always had an answer. They really took pleasure in conversing with each other (well, in kissing, too!). How could Romeo stay away after that?! So, in conclusion: be yourself and do not be afraid to say what you think and feel. It is indeed much more attractive to another person than simple “yes” and “no” to every sentence.
  • Do not be excessive. This first meeting shows another important thing, especially for boys over there. Romeo is always full of flowery compliments and posturing. It is not necessary! Moreover, it can be counterproductive! Manners are a must, sure. A well-timed compliment would be amiss, either. But over-the-top compliments and big presents at the beginning of the relationship are much more likely to scare your beloved away. Or, even worse, the person would just take your efforts for granted. And buying expensive presents would mean more working hours. It could be hard to combine studies and job
    successfully, on top of all the turmoil first, love causes.
  • See the person besides the crush. A guy whom a girl likes can sometimes be a bit similar to sparkly Edward Cullen – something beautiful and unapproachable. Girls often tend to stay in the shadows, content with cute crush pics taken on the sly. But do not despair! There are three cornerstones of guy’s ‘like’:

– First, does he like to spend time with you? Whether studying together, walking you home, or just sitting together on a bus – if he tends to do this often, you have hope.

– Second, does he try to create opportunities to be with you? For example, offering tickets for a movie or a concert, suggesting a group outing? Another check in the list!

– Third, does he try to please and protect you? Making small presents, complimenting, helping with homework, even protecting you from a bully or a strict teacher? Yes, he may just be a good guy with excellent manners. But if all three cornerstones are present: time, money, and care – yay, your crush is not one-sided at all! Keep in mind these signs a guy likes you and find the courage to talk to him yourself finally! A simple “Hi, how is it going?” would do for a start.

  • Listen to another person’s wishes. Many relationships failed because people never really listened to each other. Do not make the same mistake! You’d do well to see how Romeo and Juliet go about it: Juliet insists on marriage? Romeo goes to the priest and arranges this immediately because he respects his love too much (and an affair before marriage had awful consequences for women in those times!). Juliet does not want Romeo to go after their first night? She still lets him run away, for she knows how dangerous it would be for him to stay. They understand the position each other is in and are able to listen and act accordingly.

Thankfully, decisions in modern relationships are not as life-threatening as they used to be back then. Usually, the main problem is how to hang out with your crush. And such things have to be discussed, not issued like a one-sided decree. So, ask your partner (or friend-soon-to-be-partner), which movie would they like to see, for example, or what food would they like to order. Also remember, that there are lots of simple things to do with your crush besides restaurants and movies:

  • go to a picturesque place and take a walk;
  • ride bicycles together (if you do not know how – learn together!);
  • put on some funny costumes and take some pics;
  • no money for a cafe? Cook together something simple;
  • play  boarding games together;
  • read and discuss books together (if you like to, of course!);
  • study together. You both have strong and weak sides. By doing homework together, you could help each other and spend quality time as well.
  • go to the zoo. Even better – try to find a place where you can actually pet and feed the animals;
  • invent an activity or a project that would be fun for both of you and make wonderful memories.

When two people fall in love, they build a world around themselves – with the talks they have, the places they go to, and memories they make in the process. The more good memories you make on this road together, the fuller this world you create would become. Together is the keyword here!

Conclusion: don’t be afraid to be in love!

Starting a relationship may be daunting, but it can be done. It is important to be natural, sincere and to listen to each other. People are no magnets but they will attract each other – by talking, asking questions and listening to the answers, taking care of each other. I wish you good luck and many happy memories with your One and Only.