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Why You Will Fall in Love with Amsterdam


Amsterdam, the capital and the largest city in the Netherlands, is a unique city. The city attracts millions of tourists every year who come to explore its beautiful nature. There are endless things to do in any weather for the local people and tourists in the city. It’s a city that you should never miss to visit whenever you are in a Dutch country.

There are plenty of travel resorts in the Dutch city all for your accommodation. Besides, there are fantastic shopping areas, outstanding architecture, beautiful canals flowing throughout the town, and friendly people who are welcoming and accommodative to all travelers. This makes planning a tour in the city a challenging task.

To many travelers, time has always been their limiting factor. Plan for your time accordingly, not to miss some of the town’s most exciting locations. Below are some of the best things to do and see while visiting the city

Get lost in the Jordaan District

Jordaan is a perfect place to enjoy Amsterdam’s lively atmosphere, located just a few blocks from the city’s central train station and bordered by beautiful canals. The neighborhood is packed with unique shops, brown cafes, art galleries, stylish bars, and fantastic narrow streets. Ditch the map and lose yourself in Jordaan town for a rewarding shopping experience.

Visit the Vondelpark

The largest and most revered park in the Netherlands, Vondelpark, is located in Amsterdam’s South West. The park occupies more than 116 acres of land and offers endless fun things to do for people of all ages.

Take a Cruise Visit

If you happen to have a limited time to see the city, then the number one thing to do is enjoy an Amsterdam cruise. You will get an opportunity to see most of the features and landscapes that define the city while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere in the boat. Day or night is not an opportunity to pass up; the only challenging task is getting the right cruise for your experience. Book your appointment with a boat company for a tour.

Visit Anne Frank House

The park houses a rose flower garden with more than 70 different species of rose flowers. It offers a fantastic picnic site for couples with a variety of recreational facilities. There are cafes and restaurants where you can grab a snack or enjoy a full meal during your vacation.

The Anne Frank house is located at the heart of Amsterdam. It was built during the second world war and served as a hiding place for Anne Frank and her family from the invading German army. Today, the house acts as a museum that chronicles the story of Anne Frank with their artifacts including photographs, film images, and belongings inside.

The Albert Cuyp Market

The Albert Cuyp market was established in the 20th century to bring order to the hoarders of traders who used to conduct their businesses there. Initially, trading activities were conducted only on Saturday night. Today the market attracts thousands of traders and buyers from all over the country.

The market has grown to host more than 300 stalls on both sides of the road, ultimately cutting down traffic. You can find all that you require here: fashion accessories, fresh farm produce, fabrics, and all your required goods. The market is a must-do for tourists with cheap unique products.

Enjoy a Biking Experience

Amsterdam tops the list of the world’s most cycling cities with more than 800,000 bikes. The city’s unbeatable cycle routes and flat terrains make it possible for a cycling experience. There is no better way to explore the city than using two wheels. There is no way you will visit the city and get out without enjoying a biking experience.

Van Gogh Museum

The museum houses the largest collections of Van Gogh paintings and drawings. It is dedicated to the great works of Van Gogh and his contemporaries. The institution registers more than 2 million tourists, making it one of the world’s most toured places. Once in Amsterdam, creating a moment to travel to the museum is one of the best experiences.


It is the largest museum in Holland and houses more than 5000 works of art that have been in place since the 15th century. The museum has been renovated from time to time and offers a fantastic attraction site for travelers. You can’t visit Amsterdam city and not visit the incredible Rijksmuseum.