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The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With The Person Who Does These 12 Things


1. The one who pays their undivided attention to you

I wish you find someone who’ll look into your eyes and listen to every word you say whenever you’re hurt and want to talk. The person who’ll make everything in their power to see you smile despite life being hard as hell. The one who can’t wait to see you even after being one day apart. And the moment you see that glistening spark in their eyes, your heart starts to pound so hard, you realize you don’t have enough words to describe how much you love them.

2. The person who commits to you

The one whose heart is spoken for, the moment they laid eyes on you. Someone who’ll commit their life making your own little heaven on Earth. Someone who’ll get out of their comfort zone to meet you half way. The person who won’t make excuses but rather make enough place in their life for you to settle in.

3. Someone who embraces your flaws and encourages you to grow

You’ll feel it in your guts, in the butterflies inside you. You’ll feel the presence of your soulmate when they make that initial step and enter your life. That person will accept you and cherish you for your individuality and silly flaws. The one true soulmate who will encourage you to grow in your worst hopeless moments.

4. The one who is proud to have you

I wish you find someone who’ll be proud to have you in their life and won’t give it a second thought to introduce you to their closest circles. Someone who’ll celebrate your achievements and praise your efforts in front of everyone. The person who’ll wake up next to you and beam with content at the thought of how much you mean to them.

5. Someone who will be vulnerable in front of you

Find that person who won’t be afraid to be themselves around you. The one who wears their heart on the sleeve and isn’t afraid to show their intense and most mysterious thoughts. The person who’ll be comfortable to cry their soul out in front of you. The person who’ll consider you as their “safe place” when all their world comes crashing down.

 6. The person who handles life with maturity

Someone who’ll respect you even when you two are on the verge of a serious breakdown. Someone who’ll let you know he is annoyed and won’t bottle things up. A person who always abandons their EGO whenever your relationship is at stake and is willing to make compromises.

7. Someone who gets thrilled about the future spent with you

The one who’ll be eager to finally stand on their own feet and spend their life with you. Your destined person with whom you take pleasure making plans about your life ahead of you. The person with whom you’ve already planned the color of your bedroom wall. Someone you can’t wait to marry you and spend an eternity of adventures together.

8. A person who compliments you

Someone who greets you with “Good morning, beautiful” no matter how grumpy you might look. The one who makes you feel sexy even when you’re only wearing your stained hoodie. The person who’ll never forget to tell you how gorgeous you look whenever they have the chance.

9. Someone who has fun whenever they’re with you

Be with the person who always finds a way to crack you up, even when you’re on the verge of crying your heart out. The one with whom you laugh at all the unappropriate jokes until your stomach aches. In those stupid, silly moments when you are out of things to say, but they magically manage to pull one out of their sleeve and make you laugh hard until it hurts.

10. The one who goes out of their way for you

Someone who’ll sacrifice themselves for you. A person who’ll reschedule their busy week If it means he’ll get to see you only for an hour. Someone who’ll hold your hand and tell you “everything’s going to be okay” while waiting for your results at the doctor’s office. The only one who’ll get out of work rushing to calm your panic attacks and hold you in their nook until you finally calm down and fall asleep.

11. Someone who deeply loves you, even your darkest bits

I truly wish you find your destined person. The one whose heart pounds hard whenever they hear your voice and their smile shines the brightest when they hug you. The person who felt like they knew you from a past life the second they saw you and fell deeply in love with you. And with time drifting away, the more they reveal your true self, the harder they fall for you.

12. Someone who takes care of you

The one who’ll wake you up with the perfect breakfast surprise and make love to you the whole day.  The person who’ll hold you in their arms when you feel sick and won’t fall asleep until your fever burns out. Someone who is going to take care of your body as well as your soul.




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