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The best weird gifts for your friends


If you’ve known your friend for the majority of your life, you might discover that you have no idea what to buy him anymore. You know all about him, but it seems that you have already used up all the best ideas.

It is not true. In a second, you’ll learn what the best weird gifts that your friends will surely appreciate are. Let’s go!

Portable sauna

The studies have shown that regular visits in the sauna can:

  • boost your cardiovascular performance
  • boost your immune system
  • help your body regenerate after intense workouts
  • relieve stress

Unfortunately, it is possible that your friend just doesn’t have enough time to go to the sauna. Perhaps the number of responsibilities makes it impossible for him to drive to the other side of the city to reap the benefits of sauna therapy. If that’s the case, perhaps you could buy him a sauna that he could take anywhere?

Before you choose this gift, you should ask your friend in a subtle way whether he likes to get hot and sweaty. Just please, do it in a non-weird way, if that’s even possible.

Custom sex dolls

If you think that your friend could use some:

  1. laughter
  2. sex,

but you are neither funny nor would you want to cross certain boundaries, then perhaps you could buy your friend a custom sex doll? I’m sure that although he might prefer a game on his console, buying him a sex doll would show that you care about his future. He would have a chance to practice on a sex doll, and then – who knows? Perhaps one day, you’ll discover that he no longer works at KFC because he found a different vocation.

Selfie toaster

If you want to make every day of your friend a little bit better, then you should buy him a selfie toaster. What? A toaster with which you can take photos? Not really. Instead, it’s a toaster that allows you to brand a face on a toast. If you think that your friend wouldn’t mind eating something with your face on it, then go ahead!

Scary sleep mask

If you are worried that your friend may not be getting enough sleep, then perhaps you could help him by giving him a scary sleep mask. At least 8 hours of sleep each night is required for the proper functioning of the body. Unfortunately, many things can make it much harder to fall asleep. It could be too warm, or there could be too much noise and light. A scary sleep mask would ensure that at least one of those factors wouldn’t be a problem anymore. On top of that, the people around him would have a harder time falling asleep. You would basically transform him into a sleep vampire, which is undeniably cool.

Bust of George Washington

Cleanliness is next to godliness. If your friend has somehow strayed from the path of the righteous, then perhaps you could help him. How? Imagine a bust of George Washington with his stern look, silently judging everything and everyone in a room. There is nothing better at inspiring the desire to make a change in one’s life, than tough, but caring look of the first president of the United States.

Dinosaur figures

If you think that only children are fascinated by those gigantic ancient reptiles, then you are mistaken. Everyone loves dinosaurs. If your friend doesn’t have any problems with finding the motivation to fulfill his goals, but he could use some fun as well, then a nice collection of dinosaur figures would be perfect. If you decide to go the extra mile and buy 2 gifts, you could give your friend a bust of George Washington and dinosaur figures. Depending on the situation, he could either find motivation in the eyes of the American statesman, or some relax, surrounded by those majestic creatures.

Pogo Stick

The popularity of the pogo sticks may have faded, but it doesn’t mean that they are not the endless source of fun, joy, and broken bones. Pogo sticks are your best friends if you want to impress somebody. Those people who want to get high, like 10 feet high, might prefer skateboards, but when it comes to pogo sticks, you don’t need a skate park, just some level surface. Before you hand this gift to your friend, tell him that you won’t be responsible for any injuries that he may sustain.

Take your pick!

Buying a gift for someone whom you’ve known your entire life may not be such an easy task. Sure, you might know every detail about his life, but finding a gift that would make his life much better may still be a difficult thing to do. If your friend has a great sense of humor, perhaps you could choose something that wouldn’t be extremely useful, but that would provide some much-needed entertainment and some relaxation.