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An Introduction To Spirituality, Our Chakras – How To Open And Heal Them!

Chakras - How To Open And Heal Them

We are made up out of three aspects: the mental body,the physical body and the energetic body – what some would refer to as mind, body and spirit.

Science has explored the physical and mental body to a large extent, but it hasn’t been until now that scientists are starting to understand the energetic body in terms of frequency and vibration.

Energy is the primary element that keeps matter together. In other words, we cannot exist without the energy that helps our body to be a whole, and our organs to function properly – and which is more, our thoughts and emotions are interrelated with that same energy.

This is why it is very important that we understand the energetic part of ourselves and start nurturing it to function as a whole.

Our bodies are full of energy centers or vortexes which come in many sizes and frequencies, but the main ones are the 7 vortexes that govern the primary aspects of our being. The Hindus called these vortexes chakras.

The word chakra translates as wheel, and these centers are exactly that – wheels of spinning energy. They are represented by the seven primary colors of the rainbow, as they vibrate at different frequencies.

Here we will go through the main characteristics of the chakras, their colors and roles and in the following articles we will delve deeper into all the aspects connected to them and the ways of activating them to their full potential. 

1.What Colors are the Chakras? 

Colors as we see them are nothing more than light vibrating at a certain frequency. For example, red vibrates at the lowest frequency and has a long wavelength. The chakras vibrate at different frequencies, which correlate to the same colors we are aware of.

These frequencies are too subtle to be seen by the naked eye, but there is a way of seeing them – and one of the chakras can help you start seeing those subtle frequencies, but we will go through that in another article.

The chakra vibrating at the lowest frequency is the first chakra. Its color is red. Then we’ve got the second chakra vibrating at the frequency of orange and the third at the frequency of yellow. As we move up to the fourth chakra, we get green, then blue at the fifth chakra, indigo at the sixth and violet at the seventh chakra.

There are cameras and programs where you can see your vibratory levels of around the body. This sphere of frequencies around our bodies is what some would refer to as the aura and according to the colors present in the aura, one can read all the health problems you may have, your strengths and weaknesses and much more.

There is nothing mystical about this – it’s just a piece of the puzzle scientists have been missing so far and they are now starting to implement it in their research, healthcare and other areas.

2. Where Are The Chakras Seated in Our Bodies? 

The chakras are positioned throughout the length of the body at an approximate distance of 7.23 cm from each other, starting at the base of the spine and ending at the top of the head.

  • The first chakra (also called the root chakra) is at the lower end of the spinal column, at the perineum.
  • The second chakra (also known as the sacral chakra) is located near the tailbone and its front point is at the pubic bone.
  • The third chakra (the solar plexus chakra) is located at the navel, or just above the celiac plexus.
  • The fourth chakra (the heart chakra) is located at the central channel in the spine at the heart, with its front point between the breasts.
  • The fifth chakra (or the throat chakra) is positioned at the neck region with its front point in the pit of the throat.
  • The sixth chakra (or the brow chakra) is located directly behind the center of the forehead with its front point between the eyebrows.
  • The seventh chakra (or the crown chakra) is located at the top of the head (or slightly above it).

The chakras (except the 1st and 7th ) have a front and back side

3. How Important Are the Chakras?

The chakras are not just an interesting fact about our body. They are vital energy without which we cannot live and function properly. Each chakra governs a whole energetic field responsible for the respective physical regions of our bodies and also our mental and emotional state.

Here we’ll go through the main aspects the chakras stand for, the organs and glands they cover and we will elaborate much more in greater detail about them in the following articles.

1.Root chakra: Physical manifestation, vitality, survival gland: adrenal glandsorgans: skeletal structure, base of spine, kidneys.

2. Sacral chakra: Emotions, creativity, sensations, pleasure, sex, social interactiongland: ovaries, testicles, organs: reproductive system, spleen.

3. Solar plexus chakra: Sense of self, ego, will, powergland: pancreas,organs: stomach, gall bladder, liver

4. Heart chakra: Love, acceptance, compassion, empathy gland: thymus organs: heart, vagus nerve, circulatory system.

5. Throat chakra: Speech, expression, communication, dynamic creativity,gland: thyroid, parathyroid organs: lungs, larynx, alimentary canal, speech organs.

6. Eyebrow chakra: Intuition, understanding, thought, visualization gland: pineal gland organs: ears, nose, lower brain, nervous system, left eye.

7. Crown chakra: Spirit will, wisdom, openness gland: pituitary gland organs: upper brain, right eye.

  1. How to open the chakras?

 The process of opening and balancing the chakras is an intense process that starts at the root chakra.

We will post a series of articles about each chakra and all its attributes, as well as simple ways of opening them, but you should not work on the upper chakras if the lower ones are not functioning properly!

Balancing starts at the root chakra and goes all the way up to the crown chakra and this is a life-changing process.