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The Most Important Advice for Parents to Encourage Math in Children Amid Lockdown


Not every child is born with the skills to solve math equations and divide and multiply swiftly. Most of them struggle with calculations, algebra, and graphs. And the approach most parents take in pushing them toward the ability is through destructive and degrading feedback. Yes, math is an essential part of the world, and without this basic skill, no person can succeed in life. But there are better ways of infusing this mindset in children than by force. 

Administering the latest situation of complete or partial lockdown in all coronavirus-infected countries, with no sign of educational institutes reopening, you as a parent may be more than ever worried about the math education of your children. Teachers and school administrations are doing their best with video lectures, but the engagement and productive factors are lessened. 

In a time like this, the best thing you can do is take it upon yourself to give your child the math education they truly need. This can be done by showing them real-life examples of math problems. Most kids aren’t good at math because they don’t understand how it works and isn’t able to apply it in everyday life. 

In addition to including real-life problems, you can make use of the internet by downloading highly interactive math puzzles, math-educating games and apps, fun math videos, and more. Take out the board games that have been eating dust in your attic to play with your kids, as several of them are related to math problem-solving. Or make games by yourself using cutout numbers and math symbols for kids to learn and have fun.