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The Pros and Cons of Growing Cannabis at Home


Since the outbreak of Covid-19 spread around the globe, it seems that everybody who has ever consumed cannabis is growing weed at home. Rather than purchasing cannabis from an authorized marijuana store like this Calgary dispensary, they are growing pot from the comfort of their own home. 

Many of those who are not growing cannabis, wonder if it is all worthwhile. With legal dispensaries selling potent marijuana in their land-based stores and making it available to buy weed online, is it worth the hassle of trying to grow it yourself? Especially considering cannabis is so potent in these dispensaries and most stores stock a large stock amount of different weed products. 

Even though cannabis enthusiasts have a lot of choices when it comes to cannabis products available in Dispensaries in River North where it is legal to purchase weed, many opt to grow the crop themselves. If you are considering trying it yourself, we have combined a few pros and cons to help you make up your mind. 

Pros: It’s Fun!

Although growing cannabis can prove challenging, many find the experience extremely enjoyable and educational. Watching each step of the process is often very exciting. From the moment you germinate your weed seeds to the moment you harvest your crop. Even along the way, when you run into trouble, solving the problem is often very satisfying. Once the whole journey is complete and you smoke your first joint from your stash, you will more than likely feel over the moon! 

To grow good quality cannabis, you will need to do a lot of research. Many find watching tutorial videos on streaming sites like Youtube and finding other content online from websites and forums very enjoyable. A lot of this information people discover will help them understand how to grow all different types of plants, not just cannabis. 

Pros: It can Save you Cash

If you are a frequent cannabis user, you might have found purchasing weed from your local dispensary tends to add up. Many people start growing weed themselves to help reduce the amount of money spent on cannabis products. 

If you live in an area where it is an ideal climate for growing cannabis outdoors the process should not cost a lot of money. However, if it is your first time growing weed, you might be put off by the initial cost of the equipment you need to grow cannabis indoors. To grow indoors, here are a few items that you will need:

  • Grow Lights: There are lots of different grow lights on the markets. The number of lights you need and the different sizes of the lights depending on how many plants you are growing and the size of the area in which you are growing.
  • Tent: You will need to buy a marijuana grow tent for your plants to grow.
  • Seeds: Although many people use seeds that they have found in a bag of weed, most people prefer to purchase top-quality cannabis seeds instead. 
  • Utility bills: Running these lights for many hours of the day can cost you a lot of money on electricity bills. If you are growing in a building that you don’t pay the bills, consider speaking to the person who does before you start the process. 

Although the equipment that is needed will cost a large amount of cash, keep in mind that you can use the same equipment over and over again. If you plan on cultivating marijuana on a consistent basis, purchasing top-quality equipment might be worthwhile. 

Pros: You are in Control

Sometimes, people found purchasing cannabis on the black market very worrying because they have no idea what was used to grow the weed in the first place. Even in countries where you can purchase weed from a legal marijuana dispensary, you can never be 100% on the chemicals and fertilizers that were used. Although most budtenders who work at these stores can produce some details on the growing process, they can never be fully sure because it is not their job to grow cannabis. 

The only way to be fully sure is by growing pot yourself. You can decide how often you feed your plants, how many hours of light they get, what chemicals and fertilizers will be used, etc. Although it is rare, some growers use harmful chemicals when growing pot.

Growing your cannabis yourself gives a person a feeling of satisfaction. Tending to these plants and creating dense, great-tasting buds is very rewarding, so being in full control of the process will give you the confidence to grow again in the future.

Cons: You Might Fail

Just like anything we take on in life, there is a chance of failing. If you are growing outdoors, there are plenty of challenges you will have to face. From pests trying to attack your plants to extreme weather conditions. A lot of these issues are out of your control, so sometimes you just have to hope for the best. 

Although it is difficult for pests to gain access inside your grow tent, it is still possible. There are a lot of challenges that can cause your plant to die inside your home. One of the main problems people face is that they are not around each day to tend to their plants. If you are planning a vacation for a few weeks, it is vital that you get someone who knows what they are doing to tend to your plants each day. 

Cons: Some Plants might be Male

If it is your first attempt at growing weed, the last thing you want to see are male plants. Although experienced growers often want to produce male plants because they want the seeds, “newbies” want to avoid them. 

To reduce the risks of producing a male plant, you have two options:

  1. Use cannabis clones: If you or your friend has grown pot successfully, you can take cuttings from the plant and grow them instead of growing from a seed. Some grow stores will have clones available in their store. 
  2. Feminized seeds: Most grow stores sell feminized seeds. Although there is a possibility that these seeds will produce a male plant, it is highly unlikely. 

If you notice that your crops are males, you should consider throwing them in the garbage before it’s too late. If males and females are mixed together, the female will not produce good cannabis buds.


Even if you try and grow weed and you fail miserably, at least you have given it a go. If you do intend on growing outdoors, don’t just assume that you can put a few cannabis seeds in the ground and a few months down the line you will be harvesting top-quality weed. Purchase quality fertilizer, and tend to your plants for about an hour on a daily basis. Avoid rushing the harvesting phase because you don’t want to chop down your plants until they are completely ready. Growing cannabis successfully requires patience, so to produce great-looking buds, take your time. If you have spent a lot of money on growing equipment, don’t try and save cash by planting cheap seeds. Consider spending a small bit extra on top of the range seeds.