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21 Things Only People Who Were Raised By Really Strict Parents Understand


For many, asking for permission to go out and see a friend was unimaginable. But for those with strict parents, it was something inevitable. In fact, you know you had to create a detailed plan for asking permission for anything, right? And not only that…

1. For others, sleepovers were not a big deal because they were common, but not for you. There was whole procedure involved: planning a speech to explain why you should go, presenting the family of your friend in details and praying for a positive result. Of course, you would have to swear that you will stay away from alcohol and go to bed early.

2. Then, even if you already got the permission, things could still go wrong. For example, remember what happened when someone was changing the plans when you already got the permission? You had to explain everything, justify the actions of your friends and then explain why you’re friends with them to get the “yes”.

3. Spontaneous dates were science fiction because your parents needed time to think whether you should go out or stay home.

4 Going out once a week is more than enough, they would say. So, you had to choose one day to have a fun time out.

5. The party is just starting, everyone is arriving and you have to leave. Sounds familiar?

6. The clothes were another problem. It seemed that everything that you liked was inappropriate to wear for them. You are thinking about the “appropriateness” of your clothes even now.

7. Piercing, tattoos and unusual hairstyles were something you never even tried to get because you knew that they wouldn’t allow it.

8. Even your name was conventional and “usual” – not an experiment.

9. Cursing was forbidden in your house.

10. You were too afraid to watch TV-shows where the characters may kiss, so you turned the TV off or you acted like you’re doing something else and the show was on accidentally.

11. Every casual conversation with them could become their monologue about your behavior, so you were choosing your words carefully.

12. It was usual for them to call you while you were out, but whenever you took more time to answer, they would immediately conclude that you are doing something suspicious with “that friend” who they never liked.

13. Proper behavior was expected. Bad and non-decent behavior was considered a ticket to hell.

14. Talking about sex was also forbidden and avoided as much as possible. Everything you know you have learned from your friends, movies and books.

15. Everything that was important for your parents were your achievements at school and university. All the rest was not important and “not for you”.

16. They were always trying to be involved in every school activity they could. They couldn’t just leave you be independent, could they?

17. All the time, the rebel in you was fantasizing about spontaneous adventures around the city or doing something independently. But, all of that remained just a fantasy until you moved out.

18. Often, you knew their answers even before you ask them to go out although you have practiced the dialogue for hours in your head.

19. Of course, asking for permission when they’re tired or angry equals to suicide.

20. You have tried to use tricks to get them on board with an “adorable look”, trying to get to their emotions and make them feel sorry for you before you ask for something really big.

21. Everyone lies, but you had to lie more: sometimes to your parents and more often to your friends who couldn’t understand.