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Things to explore if you are heartbroken


We all deal with heartbreak at least once in our life. For some of us, its more than once and for very lucky few its never. But what counts, is your ability to pull yourself back and get going with your life after the incident. No matter the span or depth of your relationship, letting go can be heart-breaking. But it is also a stepping stone in your life and there is a lot to learn from heartbreaks. You can do numerous things to get over it or even use the time for personal growth and even exploring unknown sides of your life. Here are few things which you can do if you are going through a heartbreak to overcome it.

Engage in a new hobby

Nothing can be more therapeutic than immersing in activities that keeps your mind off the heartbreak. Have a revelation on what interests you. Are there things you have always wished to explore but never got the chance? Now may be the time to pick up such a hobby to keep your mind engaged till you are ready to confront the situation. From painting to learning a new language- it can be anything that you enjoy.

Virtual sex

Virtual sex or cam sex may sound frivolous but they are quite effective in diverting your mind off the breakup. Moreover, it is exciting as well. Sign up on such platforms like cam2cam sex and explore the numerous possibilities offered by the virtual world. You may even come across someone interesting enough to meet in real time. Virtual sex help you interact with complete strangers where you can share a connection without feeling vulnerable about divulging too much.

Short dates

You may feel it is rather difficult to meet new people and enjoy their company at the moment, but the effort is worth it. As you meet more and more people for such dates, you can finally get a release. Talk to them about how you feel and share your emotions. It can be quite liberating to have another person to listen to you. Moreover, the short dates may even help you find many interesting and potential partners. The best part is, such dates do not require long term commitment or emotional investment that can lead to another heartbreak. (1)

Focus on fitness

The first thing we then to let go when we are unhappy is self-grooming and love. Stress eating and irregular lifestyle because you are depressed would eventually do more harm than anything else. Even if you do not feel like it, make a routine and follow it thoroughly. Especially focus on staying fit. Exercise regularly and eat well. When you look good, you would feel more confident and cheerful eventually.

Go for counselling

This may feel a bit extreme measure but it is actually very helpful. You can go to therapy and seek advices from a psychologist who can help you control the emotions. It would also help you with self-revelation. You will be able to understand what are the intricacies of the relationship better. It would even help you understand what went wrong in your relationship so that the same issues do not happen when you find someone again.

One can say, heartbreaks are inevitable but they are not impossible to overcome. When you have enough determination and motivation to get out of the situation, anything is possible. But the most important factor is that you should have an open mind and heart to explore every possibility that can help you get over the entire situation. (2)