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This Goes To The Girl Who Is Convinced She Is Not Good Enough For You


I know your struggle dear. I know exactly what you are going through.

People see you and immediately fall in love with your smile. They enjoy being around you because you are a sun. You are a warm sunray in a human form. You have soul soft like a cotton ball, eyes shining bright like the most beautiful diamonds, heart beautiful and fragile like a dandelion in an open field.

You are the person everyone loves. You are funny, smart, extraordinary. People admire you. They would do anything to be your friend, your partner, your everything. To them, you are more than enough. But none of this matter to you.

Your heart desires only one person. It craves his love, his touch, and his attention.

The problem is, this man is not like those people. He is more “complicated”, as you often like to say. He doesn’t bother to show his feelings to you. He doesn’t do anything to open emotionally and become a part of your life. For some reason, to him, you are not enough.

And that tears your heart apart. It shatters your hopes. Yet, you try. Every day you try to give your best and prove to everyone that he can change. You go out of your way to be with him and give yourself to him, and he still takes you for granted. He doesn’t appreciate your love.

You convince yourself that he needs time to acknowledge his feelings and open up to you, but deep down you know that is not true… He is just the way he is, and he would never change for anyone. You know that.

So, why are you doing this to yourself?

You are hurting yourself. You are playing with fire. And what’s even scarier, you are completely aware of it.

Stop it. I am begging you. He is not the first, nor the last person on this Earth.

He doesn’t deserve you. He is using you the way he wants to. He is taking you for granted because he knows that you’d do everything to be with him. He is not capable of loving you the way you deserve to be loved. He is not capable of giving you what you need. The only thing he is interested in is being with you until he gets bored.

You deserve more than his “I don’t know”. You deserve a man who will take care of that pretty little heart. Someone who will love you with all of his heart. Someone who won’t be afraid to be there for you and let you inside his world. You, my darling deserve to feel love in all its splendor and that should not be taken away from you.

So, don’t do that to yourself. Don’t waste your precious heart loving a man who will never ever do that same thing for you. I know that the heart wants what it wants. I know that it is too damn painful to convince it that he is not good for you, but you have to do it. For your own sake.

You don’t need someone who thinks you are not good enough. You need a man who will fall in love with your flawed, imperfect self.

This Goes To The Girl Who Is Convinced She Is Not Good Enough For You