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This Goes To You: The Woman Who Gave Her Love To Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve It


Hey there.

I know that you think that life is over for you. And I know that you feel like all your hopes are lost.

You’ve made a mistake. You’ve loved a person who didn’t deserve to be loved with such intensity. You gave him everything you had, and he never gave you anything in return. You sacrificed yourself for that relationship, but in the end, he left you with your heart shattered to pieces.

I know it hurts. It hurts like hell. But let me tell you something.

You are not weak. No matter how much you convince yourself that you are stupid for opening your heart to him and giving all your love to this person, you are not.

You, my darling, are brave. The bravest human being on this Earth.

You live in a world that is constantly shaming everyone for showing emotions, yet you were not afraid to open your heart.

You live in a world where people no longer care about the real values, yet you loved with all of your being. From the very bottom of your heart.

You live in a world where being vulnerable is the equivalent of being a leper, yet you were not afraid to be exactly who you are.

I admire you for having the strength to not let this world tame you and turn you into a heartless robot. I admire you for having the courage to wear your fragile heart on the sleeve. But most of all I admire you for still standing on your feet. Regardless of your doubts. Regardless of your fears. Regardless of the pain.

I salute you for not hiding your true feelings. I salute you for loving from the very depths of your heart. I salute you for knowing that you might get hurt, but still loving with the same intensity. I salute you for being entirely yourself without being afraid of this cruel, cruel world.  I salute you for always choosing to love above all else, no matter the consequences.

Lastly, I salute you for finding the strength to heal your wounds and take care of your broken heart. You may not see this now, but you have a lion’s heart.

So, stay exactly the way you are. You are not flawed, nor stupid.

It takes a great deal of courage, fearlessness and willingness to be your true, vulnerable self in a world that constantly tries to break your spirit and rob you of your hopes.

You are brave and vulnerable. And that, in my opinion, is all that matters.

Keep loving with the same intensity, let those emotions flow through your body and feel deeply. One day a person who understands your heart will come into your life and he will appreciate you for exactly who you are.