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Tips for Dating in Your 40’s


Dating is not just for the teens and twenty or-thirty-somethings. Whether you’ve loved and lost before or you’ve spent your entire life in and out of the dating scene, the lack of advice and representation out there for over 40’s seeking love can lead to feelings of confusion and an overly-cautious approach. In this article, we’ll give some handy tips for daters in their 40’s and older. This advice will help to improve your game and get you hooked up with that special someone.

Embrace the Past (Yours and Theirs)

Have kids? The right person should respect and cherish the fact that you come with a loving family in tow. Still friends with your ex? Don’t accept anyone making you feel bad for that – it’s healthy. You should also be prepared to take your date as they come.  As we go through life, we pick up baggage, gain experience and make mistakes. If we’re smart, these things make us a more well-rounded, emotionally intelligent individual. If the person you’re seeing has a rocky past, try to determine for yourself whether they’ve learned from it or if they’re likely to make the same mistakes with you. Don’t be too judgmental about water under the bridge, but don’t simply assume that they’ve changed or – even worse – that you can change them.

Get a Little Help

Getting back on the scene can be a challenge. Don’t do it on the sly – be open about it and ask family and friends for advice; they’ll probably be thrilled for you, and they may even make some great introductions. You could also seek help from your GP if you’re worried that your performance isn’t what it used to be. Your libido and stamina can be significantly improved using specialist medication to treat erectile dysfunction such as cialis tadalafil, often known as the weekend pill.

Keep it Honest

You don’t want to attract someone with whom you have nothing in common. You should have learned this by now, but you’d be surprised how many people make the mistake of bending the truth about their interests over and over again – just to seem appealing or impressive. For example, if your date is obsessed with ice climbing and you hate heights, it’s probably not going to work – unless you have a lot of other things in common. You can’t force yourself to like something just because you think it’ll give you a shot. Just be honest about your likes and dislikes and you’ll eventually find a kindred spirit. Of course, if your date seems as if they’re going to introduce you to an exciting new world that you’re particularly keen on, give it a go. Just don’t pretend you’re not a complete beginner.

Don’t Settle

There is no reason why the perfect partner won’t show up at any minute. Don’t go out with the aim of accepting the first person that comes along. Take note of red flags and only pursue things when you really feel a spark. If they aren’t thrilling you, don’t be afraid to end it and keep looking. Once you’ve found an exciting connection, try not to go overboard to impress them. Stay true to yourself, don’t make any changes that you don’t want to make and don’t relinquish your own hobbies for their sake. The right date will want you for you so don’t deny them that pleasure.