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Top 4 Tips to Boost Your Energy in a Healthy Way


Do you often feel like you have no power to fulfill your tasks circled red on your to-do list? Or maybe you wake up after your long sleep and feel as weary as you were after a heavy party? Mostly during fall and winter, plenty of people complain about the low energy level and problems with concentrating and self-motivation that are its consequence.

It doesn’t have to be like that forever. If you often feel exhausted even though you haven’t done anything grueling throughout the day, you might need only a few changes in your daily routine. It’s not the healthiest way to drink gallons of coffee and to wash it down with liters of energy drinks. Here you can find a few tips on how to boost your energy naturally.

1.  Health Is a Priority

Firstly, you should make a distinction between being just tired or unmotivated and the feeling of constant fatigue. Don’t neglect the persistent feeling of weariness, as it can be a signal of health-related problems. You can suffer from disturbed hormonal balance. Before implementing healthy energy-boosting habits to your daily routine, you should go to the hospital for a checkup and get medical advice. 

There are places like Houston health & wellness center that, after the examination, can provide you with hormone therapy, which can help you with a lasting lack of energy. When you are “always tired” and “too exhausted” to perform your daily activities and get out of bed, it’s a red alert, and the energy boosters may not be enough to solve your problem.

2.  Sleep Hygiene

Usually, the first thing that comes to your mind when you’re tired is to go back to bed and take a long, sweet nap. However, that might be an exact reason for your exhaustion – you sleep too much. So, contrary to popular belief, you should try to sleep less. If you are a young, healthy person, 6-7 hours can be enough.

Moreover, there is a strong probability that you lack sleep hygiene. Even if you sleep the healthy 7 hours, on Monday, you are falling asleep at 4 am, and on Wednesday at 2 am, you can feel tired. Find your healthy routine and regularize your sleeping hours.

You can also install apps with alerts that can adjust the alarm time to your sleep phases. The REM phase is the moment of your deep sleep, and it should not be interrupted. You probably remember the heavy mornings in which you’ve been jolted away from your sweet dreams. The sleep calculators can help you adjust your alarm to be woken up during the time of shallow sleep.

3.  Watch Out What You Drink

The advice to maintain a nourishing, balanced diet can be a well-known cliche. Fast foods make the blood sugar higher, and full grains provide the body with fiber that makes us feel better. However, while implementing new eating habits, we often forget about fluids.

One of the ways to boost your energy is to have a cup of coffee in the morning. But a mistake is to drink it instantly when you wake up. A glass of warm water with lemon and ginger in the morning drank on an empty stomach, can make you feel more energized instantly and is intoxicating. The best way is to take little sips and make it warm, but not too hot. In that way, it wouldn’t be washed out of your organism with other minerals.

Think about alternatives to coffee that you drink during the day, and resign from it after 2 pm. Even if you claim that “caffeine doesn’t affect you,” it still makes your blood pressure higher, and drinking a fifth cup during the day wouldn’t make you feel better but somewhat addicted. Consider drinking yerba mate or green tea instead in the afternoon hours. They are healthier, and the risk of insomnia decreases.

4.  Have More Sex

It makes you feel more relaxed, burns calories and provides you with deeper sleep at night. All of those make you feel more energized during the day. It’s the most pleasurable sport activity, releases endorphins, and reduces stress that makes you feel less tired.

Moreover, having an orgasm before going to bed can help you to fall asleep faster. The oxytocin is being released, and studies show that if that hormone is more increased, it positively influences sleep quality. With serotonin that is also released, you can get into the REM phase of your sleep even more deeply and feel better.


Don’t assume that being constantly tired is a natural thing that you have to live with. You can change just a few habits that you have, and your life standard would improve.

However, lack of energy is also strictly connected to overwork and high-stress level that you might experience due to personal life problems or work. If you have a stressful job that interferes with your personal life, and you seldom rest, weariness is a natural consequence. Remember that your physical and mental health is the most important, and aside from changing your routine, try to find a better work-life balance.