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Top Tips for Moving to a New Home with Children

Moving to dream home

Moving house can be difficult at the best of times. You may find that you and your partner are incredibly stressed, especially if you want to try and sell and buy as quickly as possible. This can be even harder when you have children underfoot. Not only will you need to sort out the different aspects of moving, but you may also need to deal with your children’s daily needs and help them to understand what is going on around them.

Liaise with a broker

It can be tough trying to do everything on your own, which is why you may want to think about enlisting the support of a real estate broker. They may be able to help find a buyer for your existing home, or even aid you with making it ready for sale a lot quicker. Alongside this, a broker may be able to discuss your needs with you, helping you to find your dream home. This can allow you more time to focus on looking after your children. A good real estate broker may empathize and understand that, while the move is important, your children’s well-being comes first.

Packing their room

One of the biggest issues your children may have when moving can be to see their items getting boxed up. Due to this, you may want to hold off from packing their room for as long as possible, so they still have access to their toys and belongings. When you do eventually need to box up their things, it might be worth considering getting them to help. Young children may enjoy getting to do the jobs alongside their parents. This can give you more opportunity to discuss the move with them, and even to let them know that their stuffed animals and games will be safe and looked after in the boxes. Should you need to declutter, it can also be good to get your children to help with this, so they can be a part of the decision regarding what gets trashed or donated, and what comes with you to the new home.

Discuss feelings

Although there may be excitement and happiness about moving, it can be normal for your child to also associate this change with negative emotions. In particular, your child may be frightened of the unknown regarding their new house and neighborhood. Discussing any anxieties they might have can help them to feel more comfortable with this change. Even toddlers may struggle with their emotions yet not understand them fully, leading to potential behavioral issues. Teenagers may be less likely to discuss their feelings, but it can still be important to share your own worries so they know they may not be alone in it.

Moving with your children can allow you to gain new experiences together as a family. Keeping your children’s needs at the forefront of your decisions can help them to understand a little more about the processes, as well as feel happier about their new home.