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What Type Of Men Find You Most Attractive, Based on Your Horoscope


Everyone has their type. Have you ever thought that your type is the wrong type? They say opposites attract, so it isn’t unusual to like someone who has a completely different personality than yours. Some zodiac signs tend to attract the opposite more often than the others, like Aries. Others attract people similar to them and won’t settle for anything else. Which one are you?

Aries – Someone completely opposite

The woman Aries has confidence and she likes to dominate in the relationship. It is interesting how they usually attract men who are not as passionate as the Aries – men who are always overthinking. But, that’s why it often works.

Taurus – Someone unstable

Taurus girls are far from simple, but they don’t want complications either. They are responsible and organized, so it’s not unusual that they attract men who need harmony and peace.

Gemini – Someone mysterious and open to everything

There is no zodiac sign that is more unpredictable than Gemini. They can be playful and happy one moment and moody the next one. In order to constantly feel energetic, men who like a Gemini are mysterious, adventurous and open to everything.

Cancers – Someone unexpected

Cancers often find themselves in awkward situations where they friend-zone people without noticing it. This zodiac sign is very caring and loving, but some don’t appreciate that enough. Thus, Cancers always attract men who seem completely uninteresting to them.

Leo – Someone completely dedicated

Leos are very lucky. They always attract men who are willing to give everything for the girl. Often, the Leo girl will want to take it more slowly, but they usually manage to overcome everything fast because they’re really strong.

Virgos – Someone who needs fixing

As with everything else, Virgos tend to mix things up rather than leave them simple. They often attract men who need fixing, but they don’t mind that. Virgos attract men who want to have someone who can take care of them and someone who they can depend on.

Libras – Someone who is balancing between facts and feelings

As a zodiac sign, they’re not the most unbalanced one, but they certainly need some improvement. Apart from the balance they need in life, they also get it from another side. They usually attract men who are balancing between the heart and head.

Scorpios – Someone who enjoys spending time alone

Scorpios wouldn’t function well with someone who wants to take up all their free time. They are outgoing, but they also value their alone time. Luckily, they also attract men who appreciate this and are independent themselves.

Sagittarius – Someone who can tame them

They are wild and adventurous. Sagittarius girls are active and always in motion, but they attract men who want to tame them. They attract men who want to settle and watch Netflix all weekend instead of going on an adventure and that often becomes a problem.

Capricorn – Someone who will make them laugh

They want to control everything and they’re very organized. But you could say that Capricorn girls miss some insanity in their life. That’s why men who are naturally funny find them challenging and are attracted to them. This combination often works, but not always.

Aquarius – Someone narcissistic

Always being kind and helpful to everyone, Aquarius girls are often seen as a prey by narcissists. These sociopaths can easily recognize a genuinely good person.

Pisces – Someone who needs attention

The only thing worse than a girl desperate for attention is a man desperate for attention. Pisces are not seeking attention – on the contrary, they are thoughtful. However, they tend to attract men who need attention.