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Ways To Improve Your Child’s Memory Power


Memory is greatly important and your child will rely on good memory to learn at school and later in life. It goes without saying that if your child has a good memory that they will have it easier at school, they will do great on tests and overall have excellent grades. But not only that, good memory will help them maintain healthy relationships, do better at work and overall the quality of their life will be better and easier. Unfortunately, no one is just born with a great memory and the young brains of our kids need some help in order to build memory power. That is why, as a parent, you should try out some of these simple tricks and activities. 

Encourage Questions

When learning a certain subject for school, your kid will remember it better if they understand it first. So, when they are studying, after reading and trying to understand the material, make sure to encourage your kid to ask questions in order to ensure a deeper comprehension of the topic. What is more, you can even ask questions about the subject and let them answer with understanding and explaining what they learned. This way, you will know that they are building their memory power, instead of simply learning the sentences by heart. 

Include All Senses

Learning is based on all of the senses. When you’re trying to remember something, there is a chance that some other sense will trigger a positive outcome, so make sure to include all of their senses when learning. Relying on sight, touch and sound, and sometimes even smelling can help. You can do this by using props while explaining something they need to learn, have conversations and read the material out loud. This will help your kid engage better with the material which will help them connect with it easier and memorize it. 

Use Visual Aids

This is really helpful, especially if your kid is visual learning. You should encourage your child to use visual aids in order to help them remember the material or information they recently read or heard. You can create or find online flashcards that will include images and words to help your kid remember them. Also, you can draw together the material if possible, or rely on educational toys like cool wooden puzzles which will engage several senses and help your kid visualize the situation. This way, your kid can understand the material better, create their own images and mind maps in order to remember what they need. 

Create Rhymes and Songs

Rhymes, songs and poems are often repetitive, and repetition is a great way to learn and memorize anything. So, help your child create a song, poem or rhyme from the information that they need to learn. Our brains are wired to follow and remember patterns and this can help your child learn faster and recall the information when they need it because they will have a nice song to sing or rhyme to recite and it will make sense in their mind. 

Have Your Child Teach You

This one is also connected to a better understanding of the material in order to memorize it and build memory power. As soon as they have finished learning a certain subject for their test, for example, let them try and teach you about it. By being able to explain how to do something or how to resolve a certain task, your kid will be able to make sense of the information and to mentally file it in their brain. The same goes for some physical activities. For example, if your kid just learned how to dribble a basketball, ask them to teach you the skill and explain to you how it works and what to do. From this, they will understand it better, they will be happy that they could help you and you might even learn a new skill. 

Young brains need help in order to develop properly and you should help them out as much as you can. However, if you focus on improving memory power, then your child will find it easier to solve problems, get good grades and become healthy and satisfied with their skills.