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What are Glock cleaning mats? 


Glock guns are referred to as handguns made up of polymers. Glock is the company which made a special type of gun. These special guns are known as Glock guns. Since the Glock guns are special, therefore, special types of mats are required to clean them. These mats are known as Glock cleaning mats. A special type of feature is there in the mats which clean the guns properly.

Importance of Glock cleaning mats

Many people often ask the question ‘Why we need to buy Glock cleaning mats’.  The answer to this question is given below:

It prevents the leakage of oils such as CLP from the mat. Hence it can be used and placed anywhere in the house or workshop. Mats are made in such a way that all the greasy material can be removed easily from them. In case if water falls on it, the mat remains harmless. Water can be easily washed off from the mat. 

This is the most common problem that every gun owner faces i.e. when they put the mat in the gun box, it leaks and spoils the gun. This is where the Glock cleaning mats win the race. Oil or grease will not leak and in case if it happens, then grease can be easily removed. 

Glock cleaning mats come with a red part tray which helps to identify each part of your Glock gun especially your reloading press.  Many people like to clean their guns in workshops or workplaces. If not worked properly then the oil or grease may spread in the workplace and make it dirty. But Glock cleaning mats prevent the spreading of grease and oil. 

Glock cleaning mats are very durable. You don’t have to buy the mats again and again.

Easy to use

Glock cleaning mats are very easy to use. Mats come with graphic designs which help to use them easily. Also the dimensions of mats are quite large. It helps to create extra space for the cleaning of guns and make the cleaning process easy. It can be used in workplaces also because it doesn’t take the place messy and dirty. 

How to clean the Glock cleaning mats? 

Once you clean your gun with Glock mats it gets dirty with grease and oil. You need to clean it properly after using, it. Otherwise, it may spoil the mat within a short period. The best way to clean the Glock cleaning mat is to rub it with a towel or any piece of cloth. The material used is leak-proof and hence the grease can be easily clean up. Don’t go too harsh with the mat instead clean softly. If possible do not wash it with water. 

Whenever you buy a Glock cleaning mat it is very important to buy a mat of the correct size. Check the dimensions properly before buying it. If you buy a perfect Glock cleaning mat for your gun you will never regret buying it. The features are extraordinary and make it special from other guns.