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What do they symbolize? A look at the power of colored candles


Candles have been a part of our lives for thousands of years. They are used for a variety of reasons such as decoration, relaxation, religious purposes and much more. We place them on our birthday cakes to signify our age. We carry them at Easter to show our faith.

Candles can be found in all corners of the world, and are something that we continue to use for lightening, even in the modern world where electricity and light is available at the flick of a switch.

Candles can come in all different sizes and colors, ranging from white to red and almost every other color in between. A lot of people believe that the colors of candles have significant meanings behind them. Colors can influence your intention and energy when you focus.

The burning of candles for reasons of spirituality is something that has been taking place for thousands of years, and many people believe that it offers a connection with the spiritual world.

It is said that brighter colors are related to healing and they can give us more energy whereas darker colored candles are said to have a low vibration and are good for getting rid of negative energy around us.  Here we will take a look at some of the most common colors for candles and what they symbolize.

White candles

White colored candles are said to be the purest type of candle. These are said to symbolize purity, peace and truth. They are often used at weddings and christenings. Many churches around the world use white candles during the Easter period. These are called Paschal candles and are symbolic of the Passover. 

White reflects light with no absorption. It is a color that gives, not takes. It represents the highest power and the purity and peace that we all desire in the world.

Black candles

Lots of people and cultures around the world use black colored candles in order to banish negative and bad energy. They are used for protection, and to absorb and destroy the negative energy that may be surrounding someone or a group of individuals. The black candle is one of the most powerful and there is a great deal of meaning and symbolism behind it.

Red candles

Red candles are said to symbolize passion, sex, relationships, lust, courage and ultimately love. Red is the color of love, as you will have noticed on Valentine’s Day, where all the gifts, flowers and cards rely heavily on red or deep pink colors. The red color also represents the concept of fire and is the color of the God of War – Mars.

Green Candles

Green is the color of money and fertility. Green is the color of nature and growth and is symbolic of health and fertility. It is also the color of envy and jealousy, and some people use green candles to ward off the negative energy from people who may be envious about a particular person. Venus is the ruler of the color green and represents the power of feminine energy.

Blue Candles

Blue colored candles are very popular with people who meditate and look for inspiration. Blue candles are symbolic of healing, wellbeing, kindness, patience, wisdom and knowledge. Light blue candles are said to help promote communication and are very good for meditation. Darker blue candles are said to be good for promoting happiness and laughter.

Gold Candles

Gold colored candles are symbolic of good fortune, and people who burn these are looking to attract power and finance. They are focused on achieving their goals, whether they are related to business or a relationship. Gold candles are also said to be symbolic of the purest form of light, and many people will burn these as they seek to achieve enlightenment.

In addition to the different colors that candles are available in, there are also different types of candles, and these also play a role in the energy someone can harness from the experience. Some can be aroma candles that will give off a unique scent, such as lavender, when they are burning. The scent of the candle also plays a role in the meditation process, and different aromas can invoke different energy and emotions. 

Candles are simply yet very powerful things. They serve a lot more purpose than simply giving us light. They are a way to channel our energy and use that power for positivity and to banish negatively out of our daily lives. They offer us a way to connect with worlds other than our own, and help many people find enlightenment that they have been searching for all of their lives.