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What Does it Mean When a Guy Keeps Coming Back into Your Life?


It can be scary and frustrating when a guy you thought you are over with reappears in your life. It might signal strong feelings for you that warrant taking it to the next level. Or it could be one of those guys who like your company so much they don’t want to leave. When such happens, it could be many reasons or symptoms for problems or bliss. It could be because he wants to date you, or he’s madly in love with you and wants more time together. It could even be many things at once, but the one thing evident is that you keep drawing him back.

Why Men Reappear After Leaving?

When he crawls back into your life, pay attention because you won’t know what’s going on until you figure out the reason he wants to stick around. You must be careful when dating a man who keeps falling back into your life. You may want to check good psychic reading sites to find answers about your future and guide you on the right path. They will let you know whether you are compatible with each other based on your signs and planets. So, if he’s interested in you and thinks he loves you but is not sure, what might happen is you get hurt again and the cycle continues.

He’s Securing Himself

He will probably never leave your life altogether if you have a boyfriend. However, it means there are still other girls out there who he sees as potential competition for you. So even though you’re together and happy with him, he might secretly think, “If she wasn’t my girlfriend, I could get her attention.” What he wants is to have as many options as possible for fallback.

He’s Not Sure of What He Wants

Many guys are like this because they are afraid to say no to their friends or family members and risk losing a relationship they have established. They don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by telling them “No.” So instead of saying no directly, they’ll keep coming back into their lives until something breaks down the friendship, and then they will move on without any negative consequences.

He is Challenging Your Emotions

It is normal for some men to keep coming back into your life. They know how they can make you feel good about yourself and feel loved and special. It can happen because of how you handled the breakup or how you felt at that time. It could also be because he has not found another girlfriend yet, needs a rebound, or wants something different from what he had before. However, if he keeps contacting you after a couple of rejections, there is something wrong with his character that requires fixing first.

You are Not Giving Him a Definite Answer

You give mixed signals and make the guy to keep guessing any hints you might be relaying. Either you are attracted to him or not; if you’re not, he isn’t getting the message. On the other hand, if he comes back into your life, and you keep giving him mixed signals, then there is no way he will ever understand what you want. As such, you ought to help with straightforward answers.

The Attraction Could Be Physical or Sexual

One of the reasons someone keeps coming is because they find you physically attractive and want to stick around. Your looks, personality, and habits may have something that makes him want to spend more time with you. For example, someone may be attracted to you and want to date you, but is not ready to commit. You might know him, and he is always there for you when you need him most, but he doesn’t want to get married or have children with you. He may even have feelings for another girl. He may have been using time with you as an escape from his problems and responsibilities in life. On the other hand, it could mean that he doesn’t think much of women in general or enjoys hanging out with girls different from him. The worst scenario is if he thinks you are easy prey that falls for anything. That could be dangerous!

Wrap Up

When you have gone different ways for a few months, and he suddenly comes back into your life, it can feel like a test or like the universe is pushing you to get on with things. It could be he was never really gone, and you’ll always have a connection with this man. If he’s to be more than just your friend, he’ll find a way to make it happen.