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What to know about different Egyptian jewelry pieces?


After 5,000 years, Egyptian culture holds a vital significance and influence on design in the present time. From ancient times, Egyptian jewelry is cherished due to a historical style and stunning appearance. Apart from the pyramids, one of the most eye-catching things in Egyptian culture turns out to be jewelry. You can find ample Egyptian jewelry options like earrings, rings, necklaces, and others available in ceramic, precious, or gold stones. There exist countless reasons why Egyptians were fond of jewelry like the status mark, beauty cherished, health protection, and so on.

Not only women, but men also used to wear Egyptian jewelry in their culture like a necklace, bracelet, earrings, collars, hairpieces, rings, and others. Thinking how does everyone know about it? Well, it is reflected from the ancient carvings wherein men were also seen with jewelry. Since such paintings belonged to wealthy Egyptian’s only, so it won’t be wrong to speak that the jewelry represented on paintings turns out to be exclusive and expensive.

Apart from the status representation and decoration element, Egyptian jewelry also represented their health and protection. It is because Egyptians hold the main belief that gems and stones symbolized magic. In the Egyptian ornaments and jewelry, it turns out to be a gem with high value in the current time. Since there’s no excess production in ancient times, the gems were exclusive and represented the most unique designs from the past. Some common type of jewelry ornaments that date to the Egyptian culture include:

  1. Beautifully-carved rings:

When you look for Egyptian jewelry, rings emerge out as a popular culture representation depicting Egyptians. You can find a wide collection of Egyptian rings available in gems, gold, glass, inlaid, and silver material. Most of the time, rings were carved by magical powers, and god’s blessing acting as a protection symbol for Egyptians. You can find different rings available from the period of Ptolemaic representing Cleopatra’s Greek time.

  1. Stunning collars:

In the composition of collars, there are hundreds of gem strands, beads, and dedicated work. For a gemstone imitation, gold collar sheets comprise glass material beads. In Egyptian times, gold was a common metal among others and silver metal was of high value than gold. It is because gold availability was not scarce but silver remained to be precious metal for Egyptians. Most often, some jewelry like a collar was used for deceased persons. The collar was a common piece of jewelry that was used for burial purposes.

  1. Elegant necklaces:

In the range of necklaces, there existed different options like plain beads on a thread of linen, carved elements, and other stones. The necklace showcases a symbol of Egyptian status. In the current time, many people try to get the imitated copy of Egyptian necklaces carved decades ago. The most stunning jewelry element in Egyptian culture remained to be the necklace. If you’re also a necklace lover, then don’t miss to check the Egyptian culture for elegant designs and mesmerizing styles.

  1. Adornments for the body:

Apart from all other jewelry pieces, adornments for the body were also in eye-catching demand. In Egyptian culture, clothing always remained simple and plain. But Egyptians paid a lot of attention to wearing adornments made for the body. Men used to wear kilts, women wore gowns with loose-fitting, and not much clothing for children was present.

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