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Where To Get The Ideas For Perfect Date Night Playlist?


Finding music for a date night is not easy. Although there are lots of playlist recommendations, none of them seems helpful because all these songs just don’t feel right. If this is about you, keep reading. We won’t tell you what songs to play. Instead, we’ll show you where to get some ideas and inspiration for your very own musical dating. Let’s dive in!

What music played when you met?

Try to recall the moment when you first met. Where were you? What was the atmosphere? Maybe you can remember the music that was playing or even a particular song that takes you back to that moment. That’s the very first place to look for a date night playlist inspiration. If you remembered that song, chances are that your partner remembered it too. And if it makes you think about them, it might as well make them think about you.

If you’ve been friends for ages and then realized you were in love with each other, or if you met at DoULike, you probably won’t remember what song was playing (it’s not relevant anyway). In this case, try to recall what music played at the turning point in your relationship ‒ the moment when you became more than friends. This will be your version of “first met”. Most couples associate the beginning of their relationship with pleasant feelings, so we recommend that you recall it too.

What is his/her favorite singer or band?

This one is great for a surprise date night on a special occasion when everything is about your partner. This could be their Birthday, celebration of their achievements, or just a night together to cheer them up when things in life don’t go well. Music is known to be a great mood booster and its effect on the brain has been proven scientifically.

Research says that music can influence the burst of “happiness” hormones in our bodies. When we listen to the music that we like, it creates peak emotions, which in turn stimulates the release of dopamine ‒ a neurotransmitter that helps to control the reward and pleasure centers of our brain.

So if your goal is to help your significant other cheer up a little, or you just want to make sure your partner stays in the good mood for the entire date, compile a playlist of their favorite songs. We’re more than sure you know what they like, or at least you know how to find it out.

What music reminds you of the good times together?

Some of the best memories are often associated with music. And you definitely had some great moments together. Recall your most memorable dates from the past. Maybe you’ve been dancing under the stars once to a beautiful Ed Sheeran song. Or maybe you went to karaoke, got drunk, and had the best night ever singing Sher. Finally, think about the last time you went on vacation together. Maybe there was this one local song that somehow reminds you of that fabulous trip.

Those moments are priceless, and you can return to them to remind your partner about good times. The power behind the familiar music has been proven scientifically, too. One study says that hearing a familiar song can reconnect people with autobiographic memories from their past. Isn’t it amazing? The longer the history you have together, the more meaningful songs you can recall. The romantic date with such playlist can become another night to remember.

What songs would play on your perfect wedding?

You can be a bit selfish on this one. Imagine your perfect wedding. You probably have some idea of which songs would you’d like to hear, and which you wouldn’t play on your wedding even if somebody paid you a thousand dollars. If your tastes do not differ too much from the tastes of your partner, go for this approach.

Just trust your intuition and pick the songs that would be appropriate for this date. You don’t necessarily want to think about the wedding. It’s just that weddings are helpful reference pattern. By imagining a certain song at the wedding and seeing how you feel about it, you’ll be able to eliminate the ones with inappropriate lyrics. You’d probably agree that some Post Malone songs sound amazing, but if you play “Rockstar” on the romantic date, it could disrupt any romantic mood.

What atmosphere do you want to create?

Music is perfect for creating a certain mood. And if you and your partner don’t really care about it too much, you can create a playlist for the date based on the atmosphere that you’d like to build. For example, a deep house could be great for a lounge kind of date when you just want to chill and relax, whereas 90ies hits complication would be perfect for a playful night with funny jokes and easy conversations.

That being said, you don’t even have to create a playlist if this mood-based thing works for you. Just go to Spotify and choose the ready-made playlist for your date. This is the perfect solution for lazy or too busy couples.


As you can see, you can find inspiration for a musical first date (or twenty-first date, who counts) in anything. You can get really creative and compile your own playlist from the songs that mean a lot to both of you, which is very sweet. But you can also find a suitable compilation online without having to spend hours looking for the right tunes. The choice is yours. After all, it’s not about the music but about the two of you having a good time together.