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Why is Health so Important to Us?


Health is undoubtedly an essential thing in our life. A person having good health has the ability and capacity to do various activities of living without having been dependent on others.

Health is a state of body where you enjoy complete mental, physical and social wellness, free from any disease or disability. Health also enables you to satisfy your needs and cope with the changing environment.

A nation’s prosperity directly depends on the health status of its people. A healthy individual is capable of carrying out all the activities and duties efficiently and is a boon to society and the nation. Nations that have a vast number of unhealthy people are non-prosperous. They lack progress at all levels and the money spent on treating them could have been used in various developmental schemes.

Determinants of health

The factors that influence people’s health status are:

  • The socio-economic status: People belonging to the low economic state have fewer resources than the affluent class, and they tend to cut down their nutritional needs. Social status is also an essential factor for people of some tribes, or caste.
  • Education: Education brings awareness and an initiative to lead a healthy life.
  • Employment: Unemployment puts significant stress on people who try to manage to live by compromising on healthy food.
  • Social and physical environment: Person’s atmosphere has a direct relationship with his health.
  • Personal health practices and coping skills: Faulty eating habits and the inability to cope with stress has a negative impact on your health.
  • Genetics: Inborn mental or physical disability can affect our health.
  • Culture: Some nutrient-rich food is avoided by a group of people who follow a specific culture.
  • Diseased condition: An individual free from all diseases enjoy better health than the one who is ill.
  • Health care services: A country providing better health services have healthy individuals.

All these factors have a role to play in people’s health.

Besides these factors, the primary consideration is lifestyle changes that have affected society. People these days do not follow the laws of nature. They keep up late at night, do not get up early in the morning, do not exercise or walk at all, eat all the junk, have faulty meal timings, and are stressed all the time. The majority of them suffer from nutritional deficiencies and lack complete well-being.

Being a Dietitian, I come across people who are affected by the above factors. I try to help them out by maintaining a nutritional regime where they are recommended to follow the rules of nature, eat healthy food, and engage themselves in some exercise. I do take into account all of their physical, physiological, psychological, pathological and social factors that have a direct relationship with their health.

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