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Your Guide to Organic Hemp Flower


Hemp and marijuana are the two plants from which CBD products are extracted. In the recent past, the CBD market has experienced rapid growth because of the many benefits that CBD products have like a Salt Leaf Hemp. Now that hemp farming has recently been legalized in many states, many companies are into hemp production as they attempt to grab a share of this lucrative market.

Hemp and marijuana are almost the same plant except for a few differences. The majority of users cannot tell the difference between the two plants. They both are species of cannabis sativa and produce flower buds when they mature. They only difference is hemp buds contain more CBD while marijuana buds contain more THC.

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp production, raising a variety of questions. How do you know the hemp flower you are buying is good quality? What is the safest way to consume hemp flower? And many more. In this article, we bring into light everything you need to know about organic hemp flower.

What is the difference between hemp flower and marijuana?

Before we look into detail on everything about hemp flower, it is crucial first to know its differences with marijuana. As stated above, they are all plants of the same species except for the CBD content difference. Unfortunately, you cannot measure this with a look of the eye.

The hemp plant is usually thinner and taller than marijuana and can grow up to 12 feet. Growing this plant does not require much effort, which is probably the origin of its popular name, weed. Marijuana, on the other hand, can also be grown quickly but demands much more energy and care to produce quality buds.

What are the uses of the hemp plant?

The hemp plant has a lot of other uses than just the production of CBD products. Every part of the hemp plant is quite useful. Its seeds are rich in protein and amino acids. They can be consumed whole or ground to form hemp milk. The seeds can also be pressed to produce cooking oil. Hemp leaves can be pounded to create a juice while the stalks can easily be turned into rope or clothing.

However, the primary reason for hemp farming is CBD production. They contain more significant CBD content and less THC when compared to marijuana, a reason why hemp has been legalized. For hemp flowers to be of high quality, they must be cultivated with great attention and organically, which means without chemicals or synthetic manures or fertilizers.

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How can you tell if the hemp is organic?

Organic hemp flower means that it is cultivated without using pesticides or herbicides. Legal hemp flower production requires the flowers to be lab tested. This means that the product is tested for any traces of chemicals and also THC. The analysis results are usually posted online for potential buyers to see.

Why hemp flower?

Many companies have turned to hemp production. As a result, there are a lot of CBD products on the market. Some of these products are wholly extracted from hemp while others are not. Many people prefer using hemp flowers direct from the plant because the cannabinoid effects of using the plant are felt faster and more effectively. The way you consume your hemp will determine how easily it interacts with the endocannabinoid system for its CBD effects to be felt. This raises the question: how can hemp be best consumed?

Best methods of consuming hemp

There are different methods you can use to consume organic hemp buds. The most common ones are infusion, smoking, and vaping it dry.


If you are not into vaping or smoking, then infusion is the best option for you. CBD is fat-soluble, so you can infuse your hemp buds with butter or oil. However, this method takes a little bit longer before the effects are felt, and the effectiveness can be reduced as the liver metabolizes the nutrients. If you are using this method, start with smaller doses and increase gradually until you find the right dosage for you.


This is the quickest way you can get the CBD into the bloodstream. As you inhale the smoke, it is immediately absorbed, so the effects can be felt instantly. However, inhaling smoke can be dangerous to your body or lungs and is thus not encouraged.


This method, like smoking, gets the CBD into your bloodstream faster, but it is safer. Vaping helps you avoid inhaling the chemicals that are produced when carbon burns in air. With vaping, you can also easily measure your dose when loading it into the vape device. Besides that, you get the best hemp flower experience.