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6 Useful Tools Every Cigar Enthusiast Will Love


Once you enter the world of cigars, you begin to understand just how big the community is. Cigars are a beloved cultural tradition in many places around the world as well as a refined treat that can be enjoyed after a long day or when you’re finally meeting back up with all your friends from college. When it comes to shopping for a cigar enthusiast, you’ve got a ton of options available to you. The following will explore several items that cigar lovers will be happy to receive as a gift.

Cigar Humidifier

When someone buys some cigars, particularly if they’re expensive or hard to track down, they might want to save onto them for quite a while. The only problem with this is that cigars need optimal humidity to be kept fresh. This means if things get too damp or too dry, the cigar is ruined rather quickly. To combat this, Cigar Oasis suggests a cigar humidifier. This nifty tool is basically like a little box that someone can store their cigars in that keeps humidity levels ideal for cigar freshness. This can make the smoking experience better as the cigars won’t be harsh or soggy, but it also helps extend the life of cigars so the cigar lover in your life can save up a special cigar for a rainy day.

Lighter Or Matches

A classic Zippo lighter or something else specific to your friend can make an excellent addition to a cigar-themed gift. This is an area where you can really go all out and get something that shows how much you know them. Are they obsessed with Rick and Morty? Why not a Pickle Rick lighter? Are they into all things classic? Why not a box of retro matches just like Grandpa used to use?

Cigar Trimmer

If you’re not a cigar smoker, you might not know this, but cigars arrive with a cap on the end that goes into the smoker’s mouth (this helps to ensure the end going into your mouth is clean). This piece must be skilfully cut off before the cigar can be smoked. While some people probably attempt to trim their cigars with scissors or a pocket knife (or even their teeth if they’re in dire straights), a cigar trimmer does the job much better.

There are two main types of cigar trimmers: the guillotine and the punch. The guillotine is maybe the more common of the two and involves a tool that goes over the end of the cigar and slices from both sides. The punch looks more like a bullet, and rather than cutting off the end, it punches a hole in it.

Whenever you’re choosing a tool that is going to be used on something that will touch a human’s mouth, be sure to check out the material. Stainless steel is an excellent option; plastic or aluminum are not.


Of course, if someone is going to be smoking, there’s going to be ashes. There are countless ashtray options available all over the place, so take your time and find something that suits your friend’s unique style.

Decorative Cigar Box

The cigar humidifier is going to keep your cigars fresh, but the cigar lover in your life might also want a snazzy way to serve them up when everyone’s hanging out at their place. Cigar boxes are typically made of wood but can be found in a variety of shades and decorative styles to suit the room they’re going to be kept in. There are also single-serve cigar boxes that take the charm of cigars to a whole new level. If you want something particularly unique, you can seek out a handmade option on any site where artists sell their goods. You can even find people who will personalize the boxes by engraving names or initials on them.

Travel Case

Of course, the cigar aficionado in your life isn’t always going to be smoking at home. There are smaller, pocket-sized cigar cases that can keep cigars from crumbling or bending or breaking when they’re within your friend’s pocket. A travel case will make taking cigars to someone’s home or out on the town much easier (and keep the scent from having a semi-permanent impact on his or her jacket). 

A Note About Presentation

When giving the gift of something cigar-related, you might also be tempted to include some cigars. Doing a little research on some unique options can really take your gift to the next level. If you’re giving someone a cigar tool, why not also give them a few cigars to use the tool on?

The above tips should help you find an awesome gift for the cigar lover in your life. If you decide to include cigars with the gift, be sure to keep them sealed and in a safe place—cigars are more fragile than you might think.